Hate vs Love

As requested by wagonwheels12


1. Hate vs Love

Hate vs Love


Love is powerful

but then so is fate.

How do they compare?

How do they rate?


Well love for one,

Is more evenly spread

As everyone feels it,

And it's not just in the head.


Love's from the heart

It binds two together

Or leaves one on there own

Longing for better weather.


It can cause pain to that person

And scar them for life,

But with love

you'll normally come out with a wife.


Hate however,

has different opinions

scouring away

with it's little minions.


Aggravating humans

and causing distress

just like when you lose

at a game of chess.


Hate is simple, 

It creates a dispute

And makes one person be

A real brute.


So what do you thinks better?

Hate, or love?

comment below.

(As apposed to above.)

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