Took My Heart

Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.


5. What have you been up to?

(Kate's pov) After the movie I went home. I jumped on the bed. What Sur had really said was "I'm going to lady's night. Do anything you want, hun." so I was going to be home alone all night. •Knock knock• I walk to the door and open it. Kristen? Did she find out? "Hey Kristen why are you here?" I ask. "Well umm, I thought maybe Niall was here." she answered. "No, why do you need him?" I was confused. "Oh just wanted to see if he would go to a club with Harry so I could hang with my friends!" she said quickly, "Could he hang with you?" she asked. "Umm." "Please!" she said. "Yah sure." I gave in. I hate being rude. "Thank you! He's at the hotel! I'll call him now!" she took out her phone dialed a number and started talking. "Hey I want to have a girls night in the hotel room. Can you hang with Kate for the night?" pause "You know how long girls night is! You guys could have a sleep over!" another pause, quick though, "Oh thank you honey!! But remember your mine!" she teased. Then she hung up and said, "He'll be here soon. I trust you with him. I mean you love Niall!" she smiled then quickly walked away. This would be an interesting night. 

(Niall's pov) "No Kristen she really loves me and I love her." I told Kristen who was already locking the door. "Come on Niall! Last night was fun wasn't it?" she asked walking closer to me. "Kristen I just don't want to!" I said but it was too late. She was kissing my neck and I gave in. **next morning 8:32** I woke up to kisses on my cheek. "Hey Kristen." I said getting up then I added, "You need to leave and call Harry I need to get dressed and meet Kate somewhere. But I don't want to do this ever again." I told her. "Lies, Hun. You will go along with it every time. You love it, I love it. But I love Harry too. So we just need to keep it a little secret." and with that she got dressed and left. 

**last night after Harry got there** (Kate's pov) "Come on Harry you have to talk sometime!" I said to him, he hadn't talked since he go here a hour ago. "Harry we have to be together all night! Please I don't want to die of boredom!" I whined. He just sat there and looked out the window. "Fine. I'm going to bed. You're welcome to eat anything. Make your self at home. Oh and Sue won't be home all night so you can have her bed." I walked into my room and shut the door. I got into my pajamas and into bed. I wasn't going to deal with him. **2 hours later at 10:00** I can't sleep. I feel guilty, sad, and scared. I get up but pause at the door, do I really want to do this? Yes. I walk out and see he's still staring out the window. "It's 10:00. Why are you still up?" I ask. He finally looks at me. "Because I don't want to go to bed." he says simply. "Ok well do you want to now?" I ask hoping he'll say yes. "No." he looks at me for a long while then looks back out the window and sighs. "Harry I-I can't sleep." I look at the floor and then back at him. He gets up comes over to me. "Is that a, ok I'll come to bed with you?" I ask. "This is a, fine I'll sit in bed while you sleep but I'm not going to enjoy it." he says as he moves his hair out of his eyes and looks at me. "You don't have to enjoy it." I tell him and walk back into the bedroom. I get comfortable and he turns off the lights. And sat next to me. I turned on my side and looked at him. "So your not going to sleep? Are you sure Kristen won't ask why you look so tired?" I asked. I don't mean to be rude but I really want someone to cuddle with. "Fine." he said as he turned the other way. "Fine be that way." "What did you want me to cuddle with you?" he asks. "Ya." I whispered then added, "But you don't have to." to be honest I felt safer already just knowing he was here. But then all of the sudden he put his arm around me. 

(Harry's pov) I had my arm around her, our body's were touching, I loved her. But she didn't love me back. So why was I letting her use me? Because I loved her too much. She is Niall's! I try to tell myself that but I always end up loving her! **8:32 in the morning/ now** We wake up at the same time and I get out of bed. "Bye." I whisper and I leave again. Again I leave her wanting more. And we didn't do anything! I walk into my hotel room to see Niall naked on the floor asleep.
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