Took My Heart

Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.


4. Liar liar!

(Harry's pov) I watched her run out of the club and immediately ran after her. We ran for a few blocks then finally we made it to a building that I guessed was her apartment. "Kate please just don't run!" I screamed as she ran inside. I went in the door and made it to the elevator just in time. "Get away from me!" she screamed. I felt terrible. "I'm sorry." I tried. "How can you even call your self a friend?" I asked. "Listen, I don't know! I just I'm sorry! When I saw you I didn't want to say that I just did!" I screamed back. "Well you can go to Hell pretty boy!" she screamed as the door opened and she ran into her apartment. I stood there my mouth hanging open. Did that just happen? No it couldn't have. This should NOT have happened. I walked over to the door and knocked. "Kate I'm really sorry. Will you talk to me?" my heart felt broken which is crazy because I just met her. I shouldn't feel this way about her. She opened the door, "Fine." she sighed. But her eyes were red and she was still crying. "I made you cry?" I asked my heart breaking even more. "Listen Harry what do you want to talk about?" she asked. I pulled her in and kissed her.

(Kate's pov) No! I thought to myself. Stop! But I wasn't stopping I was kissing back. Why was I kissing back? Finally he pulled away, out of breath. Our breathing was kind of jagged. He looked me in the eye, his beautiful green eyes looked like they could see everything that has happened in my life. How my mom had commit suicide after the divorce, how I met Sue after Kyle had tried to rape me and my dad had dyed trying to save me. "I'm sorry, I know you love Niall I just. I'll leave." he looked at the ground and turned. I took his wrist. "Don't leave." I felt myself start to cry again. He turned back to me and hugged me, "What's wrong?" he whispered. "Harry I can't tell you." I cried into his chest. We walked in the apartment locked the door and sat on the couch. "Tell me." he said as he took my hands in his. "My life is a complete disaster!" I said and with that he again took me into his arms.

(Harry's pov) She seemed so sad. About what? "Your life is a complete disaster because both me and Niall like you? If I were you I would be super happy of two amazingly sexy boys from a famous band liked me." I said with a smile as I tried to make her happy. That's all I wanted, to see that smile again. "No. Ok I'll tell you. If you promise not to tell anyone else." she said to me. "Ok." I whispered. She told me how it started when her parents got divorced and her mom had killed herself because of that. Then she told me how her boyfriend was a drunk and tried to rape her. And almost did, her dad walked in and tried to fight him. Kyle, her boyfriend, had a knife. Her dad's life ended right in front of her. Then the cops got there right in time. In court he was sentenced to death. Sue was one of the people in the jury. "Kate. Oh my God, I didn't know." I whispered to her. "Harry its not your fault." she whispered back. I kissed her, after two minutes I started kissing her neck.

(Kate's pov) I woke up and looked next to me. Harry was sleeping. Naked. No! I thought to myself. I finally met someone nice and I do this to them! And he has a girlfriend! "Kate?" he whispered, "I'm so sorry." I wasn't listening I was looking for my phone. 1 missed call; Niall. Oh God. I dialed his number and he picked up. "Where are you?" he asked "I'm in my apartment, I was sleeping when you called. "Oh. Well I'm free to do anything today!" he said. "Ok you chose!" I said back trying to sound happy. "Movies! Meet you there in 2 hours?" he asked "Yup! Love you!" I said. "I love you too Kate!" call ended. I looked at Harry. He was dressed getting me clothes. "Thanks." I whispered. "Listen Kate we can try to forget about this or we could try to be together. Your choice." I looked into his eyes. "Harry," I sighed, "I love Niall. But I always want you to be my friend. I have never been able to share those secrets with anyone. Please can we be friends?" I ask. "No. I'm always going to want more so, I guess we're going to forget about all of this. I need to go meet Kristen anyway." and with that he walked out.

(Harry's pov) She broke my heart like that. Like snapping a twig. I have to forget about that, about her. We can never be together. She loves Niall, Niall loves her. When the elevator doors close I feel myself sink to the floor and put my head in my hands. The tears start pouring out. When I get to my floor I get out of the elevator and walk out of the building to meet Kristen. 

(Niall's pov) She looked beautiful but at the same time sad. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Shh, nothing's wrong. The movies just really sad." she told me. Well it is a love story. I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek. "I love you." I whispered in her ear. "I love you too." she said as she turned her head to kiss me on the lips. "Maybe later tonight we could.." I winked at her. "No Niall, I'm not in the mood. I'm sorry. I promised Sue another Lady's night." she smiled after and kissed me. "It's ok. As long as your mine I don't care when we.. You know." I laughed then added "We can even wait till, maybe, we're married." I said and smiled at her. Her face lit up as she leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss we have had. I loved her. I can truly say I love her. I just have to forget last night. Kristen means nothing. 
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