Took My Heart

Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.


2. Finally someone

(Kate's pov) Each step I took I wobbled a little. Wow that drink must have been strong because I only had one. He didn't wobble at all. "What did you have to drink?" I asked. "Umm, 2 bottles of beer. Why?" he said it an it sounded perfect. "Well you look and sound fine! Like not drunk! I had one and I'm wobbling!" I tell him. "Well 2 bottles isn't enough for me to get drunk anymore. I just got used to it I guess." his accent again makes my heart race. "So who else is in this band of yours?" I ask him to make conversation, but at the same time I fall down on the sidewalk. "Probably isn't good to wear heels when drunk." he laughs while pulling me up. "Oops!" I say wobbling again. This time he catches me and I lean into his chest. "It's ok." he whispers, our faces are one inch apart and I can tell he's thinking the same thing. He pulls my face in closer and kisses me. When we separate I want more, but don't say anything. I stand up on my own as he yells "Taxi!"

(Harry's pov)  "Where could he be? He left last night!" Liam asks. "Probably went home with a girl if you know what I mean." I wink and laugh at my little joke. "Haha very funny." Liam says very sarcastically. "You aren't really worried right now are you?!" I ask. "Well I guess not." He said kind of quietly. "You should hope he finds someone!" Kristen said. She was lovely. "Ya! That would be awesome! I always feel sort of bad for him." Louis says. "Well you know. He hasn't been here all night... So either they had a lot to talk about or..." I trail of and give a smirk then add "You know." "I do know and that is just a disgusting thing to say!" Zayn says. "Ya because you've never!" I accuse. "Whatever." He said. We heard a knock on the door. "Hey guys let me in!" Niall screamed. I smile an open the door. "Hey so where we're you?" Zayn asks. "I went to the club and then just went to a different hotel because I did say it was couples night. I meant all night if you know what I mean." he smirks at Zayn and laughs. 

(Niall's pov) "Did you meet a girl?" Harry asks. "Nope, no girl." I don't need them to know yet. Or to know what happened. "Oh really. So if we go through the contacts on you phone we won't find anyone?" he asks with a smirk. "Nope!" I say and hand over my phone. "One night stand?!" all the lads ask, the lady's sat there and stared. "No! Of course not! Ok fine of you really want to know I met a girl named Kate!" I told them fast and walked/ ran to my room. "What did you guys do ALL NIGHT?" Louis dragged out the all night part. "I think you guys know damn well what we did." He laughed a bit. "Why don't you have her number I it wasn't a one night stand?" Harry asks. "I gave her mine because I didn't want to seem to needy!" I yelled and slammed my door. 

(Kate's pov) "So how was your night?" I hear Sue's voice. I open my eyes and look at the clock. "Whoa 12:38?" I almost yell. "Yup! Oh don't get out of bed!" she screams laughing. "Why not?" I yell back also laughing. "Well Katey you might want to have clothes on when I see you." she laughs and I pull up the covers remembering everything. I wasn't too drunk but I was drunk enough to sleep with someone I don't know. "Ok, hun come out when your ready." and with that she walks out."I get dressed and walk out. "So, Kate, who's the guy?" she asks with a smirk. "Niall! And he is really nice!" "Did you get his number?" she asked excitedly. "Yes!" I screamed she got up and we both started jumping up and down. "Call him!" she squealed. "But he just left at 8:00!" I whined. "Call him now or I will for you." she said. So I got out my phone and called him. The phone rang and finally I heard that Irish accent. "Hello?" he ask, "Hey Niall! I'm sorry is it too soon to call?" I asked worried. "No! No! I would have called you if i had your number. I miss you." he said. "I miss you too." "Hey do you umm, maybe want to come out with me and the lads? You know. All of One Direction and their girlfriends. Later today. I or now if you want!" "Of course! Now is perfect!" I half yelled into the phone. "Ok! I can't wait! Want me to pick you up?" "Yes!" I said "Ok i'm already here. I kind of guessed you would say ya." he said and I could hear his smile.
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