Took My Heart

Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.


6. Don't leave

(Harry's pov) "WHY ARE YOU NAKED?" I screamed. He got up and ran behind the couch. "I just umm." was he cheating on Kate? "DID YOU SLEEP WITH SOMEONE?" I screamed even louder. "Yes! Ok I did!" he yelled back. "HOW COULD YOU?! AFTER ALL KATE HAS BEEN THROUGH YOU JUST GO SLEEP WITH SOMEONE?" I walked closer. "What has she been through?" he asked, then added "How would you know?" "Last night while Kristen was here, or I thought she was here, she told me to hang with Kate. We talked." I said. What a terrible freaking lie. "What? Wasn't she out with Sue?" he looked kind of sad. "No. She just said that because she needed alone time and then Kristen asked so she said yes." I thought thy might be the truth. "Wait you were alone with her? AND YOU LIKE HER? WHAT DID YOU TWO DO?" he was screaming now. "Listen nothing happened. But umm ok we slept together. That night you left the bar because of management." I look at the ground. "WHAT?" he screams getting on some pants. "YOU SLEPT WITH SOMEONE LAST NIGHT SO DON'T EVEN START THIS CRAP? HOW DID SHE LOOK? WHO WAS SHE?" I screamed back. "Well me and umm Kristen-" "WHAT?" I scream. "Well we have been umm you know, ever since you started dating." he said tuning for the door. But I beat him there. "Why the hell didn't you tell me?" I screamed. "Because. I wanted to stop after the first time but she kept coming back and starting it. And I would give in." he tried to get out and this time I let him.

(Kate's pov) I was walking around the city when I get a phone call. "Hello?" I ask. "Niall... Nail cheated on you." Harry said. "What?" I felt tears collect in my eyes. "But you will never guess who!" he said. "Are you crying?" I asked. "Yes, but I'm only crying for you because I don't really love Kristen anymore. "He slept with Kristen?" I screamed, then added, "Harry omg I'm sorry! I'm here for you!" I was crying now, I felt so bad. "I don't love her anymore. I love you. And yah I'm here for you too." he said that and I knew it was true. And I loved him too. But I still loved Niall. "C-can you come over tonight? Sue met a guy." I needed to see him. "Yah of course, love." he said in his British accent. It sounded amazing. But part of me wished it was that Irish accent that said that. I had to stop. I couldn't love him. He didn't love me and after all I have been through, well, I just couldn't deal with this. When I hung up and turned around Niall was there.

(Niall's pov) "I'm sorry." I said to her. She looked at me, then walked past me. "Please Kate." I said as I turned and grabbed her waist. "No Niall. You love her I love Harry. We should leave it at that. Though I would love to be friends." she loved Harry? "I don't love her! I don't. Please she just keeps pulling me back in!" I try but she takes my hands off her waist and walks away. "So you love him?" I ask. Even I could hear the pain in my voice. "Well umm," "Or do you just think you love him because I slept with Kristen?" I interrupted. "Listen Niall he is really sweet and he is there for me. He loves me Niall. I do love him. I should be meeting him now do I need to go Niall." she let out a sigh and left. I lost her like that to Harry. Why does every girl go to Harry? I get hate, a lot more hate, saying I should leave the band everyday! Why? And now the girl I love loves Harry! That's it. I don't need this.

(Harry's pov) She got there before me and let me in. "I'm sorry." I said pulling her in for a hug. Then I kissed her. A simple kiss but she pulled me back for more. •Ring ring (phone)• "Hello?" I said picking it up. "Harry management wants us now!" liam said. "Ok see you soon." I said. I hung up and looked at Kate who was standing there. "Management wants us. Well not you but you can come." I said to her. "Ok." was her reply and with that we left to the meeting place. Everyone looked at us. "What happened?" I asked nervously. "Niall quit the band." Louis said. 
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