Took My Heart

Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.


9. Didn't see that coming did you, Lou?

(Kate's pov) I got up in the morning and got dressed. For once I was sure that I was doing the right thing. •ring ring• my phone went off once I was out side. "Hello?" I said putting my small thing of clothes in the car. I had my ticket in my pocket. "Hi Kate! Hey I was wondering what's up with you. You have been acting weird." Harry said back through the phone. "Ya umm well. I can't be with you Harry." I said quickly. "Why? Kate what's going on?" he asked. "Listen Harry I just love someone else. And right now I'm trying to find them so I need to go." I hung up trying not to cry. I loved Harry, I really did. I just loved Niall a lot more. But no good could come from this. I needed to get Niall to join One Direction again, then I needed Harry to stay in One Direction. I didn't want to be the reason they broke up. •ring ring• I looked at my phone. Louis. "Hi what's up?" I asked. "I don't know you tell me. I got a call from Harry asking if you were looking for me. When I said no he hung up." I could hear him frowning. "Hey listen I'm getting on a plane. Here's what happened I realized I loved Niall and I'm going to Ireland. Harry called and I told him I couldn't be with him because I love someone else. I told him I was looking for the person I love and hung up. Listen I really need to go. In getting on the plane." I hung up and up my suitcase above my seat. I sat down and got ready for the ride.

(Louis pov) She hung up. I almost dropped my phone. After last night she loved Niall. I knew that she didn't love me so why was I so sad and upset?  I am with El anyway. But God, she was on her way to Ireland? I put my phone down and laid back in bed. El would be back in an hour. I needed time to think.

(Harry's pov) The only other person that I could think of was Niall. But she couldn't be looking for him, he was in Ireland. I didn't understand. I called Niall. "Hello?" he asked. He sounded like he had been crying. "Niall, have you heard from Kate?" I asked. "No. Why would I? She loves you. That's why I left. I couldn't take it." he sounded even more sad. "Well she told me she loved someone else and that right now she is looking for him." "What?" he sounded really shocked. "Ya so I just wanted to know if maybe she had called you." "No. Sorry. I need to go." he hung up and I closed my eyes. What was happening?

(Niall's pov) I hung up and put my head between my knees. I was lying in bed. I got up and decided I needed to do something today. I went out to a club. I sat there and said "Something strong." "Bad day?" that familiar American voice asked. "Crappy life." I said not looking at her. "Bet it's not as bad as mine." she said. "Try me." I said downing my drink. "Well lets see, it started when My mom killed herself, then my boyfriend almost raped me, but my dad stopped trying to stop him. Then I met the most amazing guy in the world and lost him because I slept with one of his best friends. If you can beat that then have my drink. I bout it when I got to Ireland and remembered I had no clue where the person I was looking for is." she said. She almost got raped? I turned and looked into her blue eyes. I kissed her long and we walked out of the bar to a hotel.
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