Took My Heart

Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.


1. 9th wheel

(Niall's pov) "Boys it's time to go see Orlando!" Louis screamed. He put his arm around El. I'm the only single one in this band! Louis has El, Zayn has Perrie, Liam has Danielle, and Harry is dating a new girl named Kristen that he met at a club! I love them but sometimes I get jealous looking at their relationships, when I don't have one. It just isn't fair! I mean what is it?? Do I not look good enough? Is it that I don't have a British accent? I have an Irish one! We go walk around Orlando, Florida and look at all the shops. "Oh my God! Look at this shirt!" I hear Danielle scream. We all go over, the girls admire the top and then Liam says, "I bet it would look amazing on you." and he kisses her. "I think I going to a club tonight. You guys have a fun couples night for once! Don't let me be a 9th wheel." I started to walk away and heard Louis say, "No Niall its ok! You aren't a 9th wheel!" "No Lou its fine!" I turned back and walked away. I couldn't deal with this couples stuff anymore.

(Kate's pov) I laid on the beach tanning for 1 more minute. "Come on Katey I want to drink. I need to get over him and this is the only way I can think of." Sue said. She's my only friend and I'm her only friend. Her boyfriend just dumped her and she just wanted to get over him. I know the feeling. But I can never forget Kyle or what he did to me. "Ya of course, hun!" I agreed happily pushing the thought of Kyle from my mind. We arrived at the club at 8:00 after changing. "I'm gonna go dance and find someone. I'll tell you if I leave." she winked at me and left into the crowd. I went over to the bar and sat down. "What do you want?" the bartender asked. "Something strong." I told him. He looked at me then left. "Bad day?" I heard a Irish accent ask. I turned to see this amazingly handsome blonde guy looking back at me. "Nah just crappy life." I told him as the bartender gave me my drink. "Same. Cheers to a crappy life!" he said jokingly while he raised his glass. We bumped glasses and I chugged the small drink. "Wow." he chuckled. "What?" I asked while giggling a little. "Well you just downed that. I don't think I have ever seen a girl do that." his smile was amazing.

(Nialls pov) Her blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at my joke. "What's your name, smart mouth?" she asked still giggling. "Niall." wait no one has ever had to ask for my name! "From One Direction. Have you heard of us?" I asked her. "I have heard of you but I never really pay attention to boy bands." she said, "Maybe I should though." God she was incredible. "What's your name?" I yelled over the now loud music. "Kate!" she yelled back. Her brown hair was kind of curled and shimmered in the strobe lights. Just then a blonde girl with a Brown haired boy walked over. He looked very drunk and she looked sober. "Hey Kate I'm leaving! Meet with you tomorrow maybe?" she asked Kate. "Ya Sue!" Kate yelled back. Sue walked away and Kate looked back to me. "Who's that?" I yelled. "My best friend!" se answered. "Hey let's get out of here! Musics too loud!" she screamed and got out of her seat.
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