You've read The Hunger Games. You've read Percy Jackson and The Olympians. What kind of horror takes place when the two combine? A boy and a girl tribute from each cabin must fight to the death. Only one person will come out alive. What will happen when two best friends are forced to go into the games together? Will River be able to kill her boyfriend in order to save her best friend? Read on to find out!


9. Claire

I woke up the next morning to my right hand in a pan of warm water. “Gee thanks, Casey.”  I thought.

I jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom. After I was finished, I opened my dresser to see what I would be wearing today, because today we would be arriving in Charmeuse. I had a new training outfit laid out in my drawer. It was black with red striped down the sides, and on my shoulders, and backside, there was a harp, the symbol of Apollo.

I quickly put my hair into a high ponytail and went to Casey’s room. Only this time, I brought my bow and quiver, just in case.

I didn’t even have to knock before the doors swung open.

There was Casey, sound asleep. Clearly, he has never heard of alarm clocks. So I went over to one of his cupcake piles, and grabbed the tube of icing, and walked over to where Casey was sleeping. I leaned over his hand, and filled it up with icing. He was still sleeping. Good. Then I took one of his smelly socks and tickled his nose. Just as planned, he used his icing-filled hand to smack himself right in the face.

“What was that for?” Casey hollered, fumbling to get some napkins.

“Payback.” I replied, feeling so good about myself for being able to pull a prank that good, “So, you have a new training outfit. Put it on.”

I left the room for a minute while Casey changed, then I poked my head inside the door and said, “You might want to wash that icing off yourself.” I giggled as I walked away.


After breakfast, we finally arrived in Charmeuse. Casey and I were then taken into the training center with Lucinda. 

That was when I saw River. She was wearing her baby blue training outfit, with a trident instead of a harp.

“Welcome, Tributes. My name is Alexander, and I will be your trainer for today. My advice is to not ignore the survival skills. Good luck!”

I ran for the big net that hung over the roof of the training center. Not many people could climb around up there. I’ve seen about 10 people fall flat on their back trying to get to the top.

I felt like a monkey up there. I bet I was the first who actually made it to the top. While I was up there, I saw what everyone else was doing. River and her brother, Jeffrey, were camouflaging each other. Casey was trying to start a fire, but he couldn't do it. So I jumped off the side of the net, and landed, on my feet, on the ground.

“Hey, see those knives over there?” I asked Casey.


“Go throw them at the targets.” I gestured over to the rack.

“I don’t know, are we supposed to show everyone what our best talent is? Lucinda told us not too.” Casey replied, nervously.

“No, we aren’t, but everyone is looking at you like you’re a wimp. Throw them. You had really good aim when you threw...” I paused. I was still really mad at him for that. “....Cupcakes at me.” I finished.

Casey didn’t even reply. He stood up and walked over to the rack of knives, and picked up the first one. Then the second. Now he had one knife in each hand. Quickly, he threw each one at a life-sized target of a human, and hit the target right in the bull’s eye.

“See, even though you are a child of Apollo, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything else but fire a bow and arrow.” I said nicely.

“Ya, I guess.” Casey said as he walked toward the bow and arrow station. Sure enough, he hit the bull’s eye every time he shot an arrow.

Then I noticed River watching from the far end of the arena. She whispers something into Jeff's ear and then struts over to Casey and I. Oh gods, here we go again. Please tell me she's not falling over this jerk!

"Hi Casey, nice shooting." she said tossing her hair.

"Are you sure your daughter of Poseidon?" he laughed, then added more slowly, "With you beauty, you could be Aphrodite"

"That's just disgusting" I growl walking away.


That night as we sat down for dinner, Lucinda had an announcement.

“Tomorrow each of you will be evaluated individually. Since you are from Cabin 5, the two of you will go fifth. Try to impress them”

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