You've read The Hunger Games. You've read Percy Jackson and The Olympians. What kind of horror takes place when the two combine? A boy and a girl tribute from each cabin must fight to the death. Only one person will come out alive. What will happen when two best friends are forced to go into the games together? Will River be able to kill her boyfriend in order to save her best friend? Read on to find out!


7. Claire

My name was chosen. My name was chosen. Somehow I still couldn’t believe this day was really happening. And the worst part, I didn’t even get to tell Josh how I really felt about him.

Josh was The One, and now I may never see him again. In fact, I could never see Camp Half-Blood again. I don’t get to see River or anyone else once we arrive in Charmeuse. Then I heard a knock on my door.

Someone in a tight fuchsia pink dress stepped into my room. Meanwhile, I didn’t even get a chance to open the door. I was still sitting my butt on the couch. “How polite” I said to myself.

“Welcome, my dear. My name is Lucinda, and you must be Claire.”

“Um, yes,” I stumbled, “Nice to meet you.”

“I will be your mentor, and trainer. I will give you life-saving advice that might help you.”

“Ok then. Have you seen my cabin mate, Casey? He is around here somewhere, and I really need to talk to him.”

“I think I saw that young man down by the snack bar. Would you like me to get him for you?”

“No thanks. You’re not my maid. I’ll go find him myself” And with that I walked toward the automatic door.

Most ordinary trains have just seats, and a bathroom. This train was like paradise. Except  for the fact that it might honestly be the last train I ever ride. I love trains. Otherwise, I get motion sick. Now that would be the worst way to start the games. Anyway, as soon as I got to the snack bar car, sure enough, there was Casey, stuffing his face with cupcakes.

“This food is awesome.” Casey said with a mouthful of icing.

“What’s the matter Claire? Scaaared? From now on your new nickname is ClairedyCat. C’mon, have a cupcake! It’ll take away all of your stress.”

“No thanks, I’m not hungry.” I replied.

“Don’t look so bummed out girl.” Casey said as he wiped icing off his chin, “Ok sure you might die, me too, but that doesn’t mean you have to make the worst of this.”

I had heard enough of his blabbering, so I turned around and walked toward the door. As I started walking, something hit me in the back of the head, then drooped down my back onto the floor. I turned around to see what it was, and another one hit me square in the face.


“Sprinkling up your day, ClairedyCat.“

Before I could charge at him, Lucinda barged into the room.

“What is going on here?!” she yelled at the two of us.

I didn’t even bother to stick around. So I went back to my room, and found my bow and quiver laying on my bed. I picked them up, loaded my bow, and shot it at the door.

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