You've read The Hunger Games. You've read Percy Jackson and The Olympians. What kind of horror takes place when the two combine? A boy and a girl tribute from each cabin must fight to the death. Only one person will come out alive. What will happen when two best friends are forced to go into the games together? Will River be able to kill her boyfriend in order to save her best friend? Read on to find out!


5. Claire

I was so in love with this bow.  I told River that I wanted to go try it out, but she said she wanted to go ride the pegasus. So we said we would see each other around.

On my way to the battlefield, I saw Josh swordfighting with some guy from the Hermes cabin. Then I realized it was Luke. Both guys were skilled! Suddenly Josh disarmed Luke, ending the fight. I ran up to Josh.

“Hey, good job out there.” I said

“Oh thanks.” Josh said proudly. “Do you want me to show you where the archery practices are?”

“Okay, thanks.”

I felt right at home with the other archers. Josh sat on a nearby bench and watched me closely.

My first target was 10 ft. away. I quickly loaded my bow, and took aim. I let go of the arrow, and it hit the target in the bull’s eye.

Next was 20 ft. away. Easy. I aced that one too.

Before I knew it, I was shooting arrows all day. Josh had fallen asleep on a nearby bench, so I ran my fingers through his hair and woke him up.

“Nice shooting sweetheart.” Josh complemented.

“Thanks” I giggled.

Suddenly Josh and I heard a rumbling sound above. We both looked up and saw a big grey hovercraft soaring above.

“Oh gods, what is that?” I yelled to Josh because the hovercraft was so noisy.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Tomorrow is reaping day.” He hollered.

“Reaping day?”

“Ya, for the Hunger Games. It’s where each cabin gives up, in tribute, one boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18, and you have to fight to the death on live TV, so only one person comes out alive.”

That was confusing for my brain to process. Wait a minute... I am 14 years old. So is River. That means our names could be chosen at the reaping tomorrow morning.


I went back to the Apollo Cabin, Cabin 5, and found my new friend, Casey. He arrived at camp just 2 days before me, so we could understand what each other was going through. He was 15 years old. So I guess he will go to the reaping too.

I couldn't sleep that night. Neither could Casey. So we talked about tomorrow’s reaping.

“So we have to.... kill each other?” Casey asked.

“I guess. Out of the 24 of us, 23 have to die. I know what you’re thinking, and ya, I could never imagine myself coming out alive of those games.” I said nervously.

“Me either.” Casey said.

And the we both fell asleep.


Today is reaping day, and I am so scared I can barely put my socks on. I was told that everyone had to look nice, so I wore my favourite purple flowered dress, with a pair of black flats. I did my hair in a side fishtail braid, like I had seen in one of my favourite movies. Casey had on a dark blue plaid long sleeve shirt and jeans, which looked great with his dark hair and green eyes, and black casual shoes.

When we got to the Hall of Justice, some strange lady in a weird jump suit pricked my finger.

“Ow!”  I said .

Then she set my finger on a piece of paper, scanned it, then told me I was okay to proceed.
They had us lined up by age and gender, so I was, thankfully, beside River, who was now in the Poseidon Cabin, Cabin 2.

Then a different lady walked up on the stage.

“Welcome, welcome, the time has come, to select 24 brave young men and women, to participate in this year’s Hunger Games. As usual, we will start with Cabin one, Zeus, and end with Cabin 12, Hera. So, what are we waiting for. Lets get started. As usual, ladies first...... Willow Hevensbee." she paused and waited for the girl to come on stage, and then continued, "Next, for the boys."

The lady reached into a glass ball and drew out a name card. I prayed it wasn’t Josh.

Thankfully, it wasn’t. It was some kid who I had never met before, named Chris. Both tributes from Cabin One quietly made their way to the stage.

“And now, Cabin Two.” she declared in a shrill,m excited voice.

She reached her hand into a big glass ball and picked out a single name.

“River Clearwater”

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