You've read The Hunger Games. You've read Percy Jackson and The Olympians. What kind of horror takes place when the two combine? A boy and a girl tribute from each cabin must fight to the death. Only one person will come out alive. What will happen when two best friends are forced to go into the games together? Will River be able to kill her boyfriend in order to save her best friend? Read on to find out!


3. Claire


I couldn’t help but laugh. I knew that River had a major crush on this guy, even though she had just met him. She glanced back at me a look that clearly said, “Shut up”  I don’t know why, but that ruined the fun in this, but somehow I managed to stop laughing. Anyway, the strange guy said that we had to go. Like this instant. Somehow we didn’t belong here.

I never fit in at school. River got all the attention, she was always the prettier one, or the more popular one. But she never let that come between us. I was just the new girl who got detention and spilled grape juice down the front of my shirt while the whole school was watching.

Ever since my dad left, my mother has been sad. It seemed like this guy was all she cared about. I never asked questions because that wouldn’t do anything but more damage. But what really hurt me, is the fact that my mother acted like she had nothing to live for, even though she had me.

She never left her bedroom and she didn’t have a proper job. So I was the one who has to provide the food and money for the two of us. I have no grandparents that I know of, so without River by my side, I would always be alone. I never have told anyone about that, except for River, of course.

“Lets go,” The boy, Niall, said. “We are in a hurry.”

He had rode a shining white pegasus with him, that fit the 3 of us. There wasn’t time for me to even go to say goodbye to my mother, but he said we would contact her once we got there. Wherever ‘there’ is.

River gasped at the sight of the winged horse. She walked up to it’s head and ran her fingers through it’s shiny white forelock. She murmured something into it’s ear. If I didn’t know any better I would think she was actually having a conversation with the thing. But of course that’s impossible right?

River whispered one last thing, paused, then let out a squeal of laughter. She hopped up onto the pegasus’s broad back and waited for the rest of us to follow her example. I'm sure the view was absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately I’ve always this fear of heights, so I clung to River’s back with my eyes squeezed as tight as possible, for the entire ride. 

When we finally dismounted, I had no clue where I was. I wasn’t even sure we were in the United States anymore.

“This way” Niall said as he gestured for us to go up the hill.

Once we finally made it to the top, I saw an arc with “CAMP HALF-BLOOD” written on the top. There were torches burning on either side of the arc. Some sort of shining thing- that looked like a fleece of some kind- was hung next to a pine tree.

I didn’t know what it was for, but I decided to keep quiet. Then I looked in front of me, and saw that same boy I had crashed into yesterday at school. He was wearing full battle armor, and he had a shiny bronze sword at his side.

Oh my did he look charming! I had a small daydream that he was my prince charming saving me from an evil witch or something crazy like that.  “Snap out of it!” I told myself.

Once I got back to reality, I realized that Josh was now standing in front of me. “Fancy meeting you here.” he chuckled, looking at me with those chocolate brown eyes.

“Urm, yeah.” I stammered lamely.

He just chuckled and continued, “I knew there was something special about you. Would you like a tour?”

I took his extended hand as he led the way toward a series of cabins. Telling me the names of each and everyone one of them. After he was done explaining, I was tempted to ask questions. 

“So, you’re saying that everyone here is related to either a God or Goddess? That's so cool! But how would I know which one was my... wait a minute... my father... was a GOD?”

“Yes.” Josh answered, “but we won’t know who he is until you get claimed.”


“It’s when your parent's symbol floats over your head. I know that that sounds strange, but it’s true. When I was claimed, a lightning bolt was somehow floating above my head. Some camper said that was the symbol of Zeus. Lord of the Sky." he smiled happily then continued, "C’mon, I hear the dinner horn.”

As we were walking toward the tables, everyone gasped at me. I had no clue what was going on!

“That, is claiming.” Josh beamed from behind me.

I looked up and saw a green bow floating above me. I tried to run away but no matter where I went, It never left me.

“What does this mean?” I murmured.

“Everyone, please welcome Claire Peterson, Daughter of Apollo.” Josh announced.



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