You've read The Hunger Games. You've read Percy Jackson and The Olympians. What kind of horror takes place when the two combine? A boy and a girl tribute from each cabin must fight to the death. Only one person will come out alive. What will happen when two best friends are forced to go into the games together? Will River be able to kill her boyfriend in order to save her best friend? Read on to find out!


1. Claire

Already things weren't off to a good start. Today was my first day at my new school, and I wasn't making a good first impression. Today I had decided to wear my new baby blue t-shirt, that I had already spilled grape juice on. My jean shorts were all ripped, like my dog, Chester, ate them. My hair was a mess, because i have been so stressed lately. Then I was late to P.E class and got yelled at by my teacher, Coach Hedge. Then when I got to math class, I got detention later that day for falling asleep during a pop quiz. What a great start for a new school. I overheard a bunch of kids calling me nicknames that you would never believe.

I quickly turned around the corner of the hallway so fast, I crashed into this cute guy. He was wearing an orange Hollister t-shirt that looked great with his brown eyes and hair. He had on baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers. When I looked up, I could feel my cheeks turn bright cherry red.

"I'm so sorry!" I said as soon as I looked up. Great. Now everyone was staring at me. Even the teachers were giving me dirty looks.

"No worry's," the boy said, "My name is Josh. And you are?"

I was so embarrassed I could barley speak, like the words were stuck to my tongue. "My name is Claire. I just started going here this morning. Do you know where the detention room is? I bet I"ll be spending a whole lot of time in there, judging by the rate I'm going at."

Josh laughed. "Room 108. right down the next hall. First door on the left. Can't miss it. Anyway, I"m going to be late to class, so I gotta go. See you around." And then he was gone.

Five minutes later, the school bell rang. Now I was late for detention. But I didn't care. So I ran for the nearest door I could find and started to walk home.

As I was walking down Ester Blvd., I spotted my next door neighbor, River. "Why aren't you in school?" I asked her.

River gave me a strange look then said, "I was going to ask you the same question. Oh today I was busy on the farm, helping out my mother. What about you?" 

"Oh, just had a rough start, that's all." I said, her eyes flashed and I could tell she knew I was hiding something. Somehow she always did. It's like she came equipped with her own lie detector.   

"C'mon," River said, "I'll take you over to the farm. We have a new pony. His name is Louis."

After a enjoyable walk through the meadow, we finally reached River's farm. "Look over there." River pointed to a little brown pony. "That's Louis. We adopted him from a small town in California." she beamed. 

"That's amazing!" I said. River looked happy while she watched her mom walk Louis around the pasture.

"Hey, Claire, why don't we go inside and call your mom and ask if you could spend the night here?" River asked.

"Okay, sure." I replied.

That night as we were sleeping in the extra barn, I woke up to the mooing of cows. Only it wasn't just like any ordinary cow. It sounded like the cow was 10 ft. tall. I quickly woke up River.

"What's the matter?" River grumbled blinking at me through droopy eyes.

Suddenly there was a bone shattering screech as the roof of the barn was torn off and flung somewhere in the distance. The faint moonlight streaming into the building gave me just enough visibility to catch a glimpse of the terrifying creature looming over head.

"What the heck is that!" River screamed backing up against the far wall, I followed close behind her.

I honestly didn't know. I was too stunned to speak. It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. With beady red eyes and a huge bull's snout. It inched closer and closer, swaying it's huge ugly head back and forth.

"Oh god, it's going to charge!" River yelped and pushed me out of the way just in time.

The thing bellowed in rage and wound up to charge again. This time we were ready, and once again jumped out of the way at the exact right time. Unfortunately it didn't slow down and burst right through the wall. The whole barn groaned and creaked, swaying back and forth.

The last thing I saw were the walls coming down around us before everything went black.






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