As requested by Lia-loves-cookies


1. Alien



The field was shaded,

all still and calm,

Till the aliens invaded

and they sounded the alarm.


Children ran

While the sirens blared,

Then came a man 

 To whom all stared.


He raised his hand

and stuck up his thumb,

To make aliens understand

To go back to their mum.


But the aliens pushed on

And attacked planet earth,

Daughter and son

Being abducted from birth


They stole all the adults

and our babies too,

shouting out insults

in alien hullabaloo.


They're green and small 

with very round heads,

but their technology is cool

and their disease has spread.


Aliens they have made us

entrapped by their curse,

We didn't want no fuss

But that just made things worse.


Now we're all green

like a four leaf clover,

This is such as unseen

And now my poem is over.






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