One Direction Unexpected...

This is a story about a girl names Ashley who just moved met 1D fell in love with a band member and had problems coming at her....


8. Tour? Ashley's P.O.V

Ashleys P.O.V

When they told me my sister was cured I was so happy, but I was sad not about my sister but I was sad to know the boys would have to leave soon. I mean they've been here for like 2 months, they have to leave sometime I guess. 

Hey Ash are you doing anything right now? Harry said

Um yea obviously just sitting here fighting war (in sarcastic voice). But no why?? I asked

"Well there's kind of something my mate wants to know"

Out with it already Harry. Who,What,When, and Where?

"Okay okay. Niall, He has to tell you, Right now, and downstairs.

Kay well awesome I guess I'm going down stairs mate!!

When I get down there, all the boys are in a line besides of course Harry.In the order left to right is Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall.

So what do you want to tell or ask me? I asked

Well will be going now says Louis *Walking outside with all the boys following him but Niall*...

Okay so I know this is kind of sudden and out of the blue and all but me and the boys are leaving ne- I cut Niall off with my yelling

"Wait your leaving already but just out of the blue and you say it so calm like nothing matters or nothing will. How could you leave just like everything will return to normal when your gone, I knew you'd have to leave I just didn't want to believe it but point is you can't go not after all this. Niall  I Love You. You can't leave"

"Ash calm down I wasn't finished I know this is all fast and I know your sister just got cured of cancer but we still have to finish our tour and I want you to come!!"

"Wait are you serious? O my gawd Niall of course I would love to come but wouldn't you have to talk to your manager and make sure everything is okay and that I could go.

Done, I already did everything love and I talked it out with my mates and they all said that it would be awesome for you to come.  

A/N (Authors Note) Well sorry for the huge stop I just been busy lately with school and everything, I will try to update more often if I can but hope you guys like this chapter it wasn't that long I know but it's hard to make a hit story right away.


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