One Direction Unexpected...

This is a story about a girl names Ashley who just moved met 1D fell in love with a band member and had problems coming at her....


2. My House?

I picked the girls up and drove home,another silent ride. We got home at 3:30 pm,I hung my keys up and sprinted up the stairs to my room. I put my key in the door and opened it, when I got in I slammed it shut and locked it.You guys stay in the guest room I tell the boys,Niall said okay and the boys agreed.I open the door and look at ,I told them the coast is clear hurry, I run up to one of the guest rooms , I led them in shut the door and told them if they need something text me and don't leave the room and each guest room has a bathroom. Harry and Louis took the first guess room, and the others picked the other one. I started walking to my room when I here dad coming in the house, I turned around going to say hi to dad when Niall was standing behind me,I pulled him in my room and shut the door.I asked him what the was he thinking,he could've been killed by my dad or attacked by my crazy sisters who loves him and the boys. ~.~ Niall's P.O.V I thought Ashley was perfect, she was beautiful, amazing, and sweet. I loved the way her brown eyes sparkled, how when I looked at her she would bite her lip.Everything about her was amazing, I wanted to talk to her so I followed her to her room. I heard a guy's voice downstairs, next thing you know she pulls me in her and asked me what was I thinking.I didnt know what to tell her ,and I could tell she was angry by the look in her brown eyes.I just froze up.. ~.~ Ashley's P.O.V He wouldn't answer so I changed the subject and told him on the bright side no one got caught, he finally said yea well he wanted to talk to me that's why he followed me then he said sorry for scaring me.His Irish accent was so adorable I couldn't stay mad at him,I forgave him and asked him what he needed.He wouldn't talk he froze I waved my hand in his face and shook him he wouldn't budge so I said hello? He finally answered and said sorry I'm so cute when I'm confused,I couldn't help but giggle he called me cute. He told me he likes me and I was nice for doing this,then we both smiled.

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