One Direction Unexpected...

This is a story about a girl names Ashley who just moved met 1D fell in love with a band member and had problems coming at her....


5. Hospital Time

Niall's P.O.V I was texting Ashley over and over again but she wouldn't answer I was getting worried sick I hoped nothing happened to her I missed her already. ~.~ Ashley's Dad's P.O.V Ashley Ashley I yelled through the phone but she wouldn't answer me, I was talking and next thing you hear is a crash.I was wondering where she was and if she was okay. I have to find her I thought I'll go tell the girls I'm Leaving and Alex is in charge.

~.~ Liam's P.O.V Niall looked worried I wondered what was wrong I went over to him and asked him,all he said was Ashley so I started worrying.I told the boys to call her to make sure she was okay,I was hoping she was Ashley was amazing and pretty cute I missed her to but I could tell Niall was in love with her.

~.~ Niall's P.O.V I was worried more now that Liam asked me what was wrong,I called and called but no answer I hope she's okay.Next thing my phone goes off it was Ashley's number,Ashley I yell in the phone loud enough the boys stared right at me.I heard a girl crying saying I'm so sorry,I asked her what happened she told Me Ashley was involved in a accident today.Tears drip down my face I hear the ambulance in the background, I told the boys what happened they got worried to but I was freaking out. ~.~

Harry's P.O.V When I heard what Niall told us it brought tears to my eyes ,we drove to 4 different hospitals looking for her.When we got to the hospital and they told us she was here, Niall flipped out and started yelling to every one asking where she was, the nurse had to tell him to calm down 3 times then when she told us he ran straight to the room crying. ~,~ Niall's P.O.V I was freaking out asking where she was the nurse told me to calm down but i couldn't  I needed Ashley here with me I needed to know she was safe.When the nurse told me the room I ran to the room in a hurry With the boys right on my tail.When I got to the room and seen her,her face was cut up she was stabbed down her arm with glass.I couldn't stop crying, know one knew if she would make it. I called her name trying to wake her up she wouldn't budge,I was freaking out so bad the nurse made me leave the room I needed my Ashley to live.A few minutes later Harry came out and told me she was up I ran to her side,Her sparkling brown eyes staring at me I was so happy to see her alive. ~.~ Ashley's P.O.V I thought I was dead till I woke up in pain, I couldn't move my left arm but I was so relieved to see the boys here.Mostly Niall I needed him here,I just wish dad was here to.I sat there trying to get up to hug Niall but each movement I cried it hurt to bad,I seen Niall Has Been crying Tear marks down his red face. I just met him but I always loved him,when Niall saw me cry and trying to hug him he told me not to move and then kissed me on my head where there were no cuts.When I smiled it hurt so the smiled faded quickly,the nurse came in and made everyone leave but I didn't want Niall to go.Niall was crying as he was leaving,I was to in love with him I needed him here with me.  

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