Let it Rain (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Piper Anne Faii . 18 years old . Just a normal tennage girl. Known as one of the guys ...... To her it was never about how she looked or how many boys she had kissed.It was about the magic of sport.Swimming preferably.It would wash away her thoughts .All the drama in her life....... Follow her on her journey and how she meets 5 special lads named One Direction...............................................


3. The Concert....

"Okay Piper are you ready to get your butt whooped??" Matt said as we sat down to play a game of fifa.

"Bring it on brotha' " I said smirking I had never competed with matt at fifa.

I had picked manchester united and he had picked Man City.

The game played and I was sure I was gonna win the 50 bucks Matt bet me A couple hours ago. He He..............




"I did not Matthew I simply bet you at your own game and now you owe me 50 bucks!!" I smirked .

"Okay ! Okay Okay but I dont have 50 pounds so I shall pay you with a present that I purchased and when you get that present I shall go with you to your destinaytination" He got up and Bowed then continued "I shall get your present now" He then walked up the  stairs of the house that we shared with Caeb leavin me to wonder"


"You got me tickets to see One Direction?" I rared I was fuming and if you looked closeley you could literally see the smoke coming from my ears.

As you can see I wasnt a big fan of One Direction....

"I got us tickets to see One Direction Tonight !!"

"Ill go but what time is it on at??" I asked

He quickly replied "It will take a hour to get to the stadium so like 20 Minutes??''

"What" I quickly looked down at my basketball shorts and vest top then to that reaction I Ran up the stairs and into my room.

Walking up  to my closet and hitting my head off the door a few time I got my favourite ripped black skinny jeans at my and a graphic tee.Running down the stairs and taking my hair out of its ponytail and letting my side bangs hang over my eye , I got my waist coat threw that own and slid on my chuck taylors.Fixing my nerdy black glasses on my nose I ran down the stairs walked over to Matt.

"Im ready!" I shouted as we walked out the door and into my volkwagen convertible.A gift from my belated parents.I put th keys into the egnition and drove off to the stadium..........................................



so this is another authors note... theyll probably be one up tommorow....

so ive decided that i shall update every day unless i go on a holiday or ive gone somewhere see you tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *_* <- that is a creepy face 0.0

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