Let it Rain (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Piper Anne Faii . 18 years old . Just a normal tennage girl. Known as one of the guys ...... To her it was never about how she looked or how many boys she had kissed.It was about the magic of sport.Swimming preferably.It would wash away her thoughts .All the drama in her life....... Follow her on her journey and how she meets 5 special lads named One Direction...............................................


4. THE actual concert..................

Matt and me were laughing while eating snow cones.Dont ask us where we got them because I have no clue.

Anyways we were in line laughing our heads off at the over the top fan girls.WEll<Matt was kinda drooling over them while laughing with me.

Matt (wait till' ya' hear this) Decided to come at the wrong time and we ended up sitting on the ground laughing our buts off.. The concert was on in 2 hurs and Matt got the time wrong on the tickets.

"Okay so Im kinda debating on talking to that girl or asking that girl out??" Matt said pointing to a  girl with makeup caked  on her face and a strawberry blonde girl fighting over where they stood in line.

"orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you could go break off the fight and get to know them each first ??" I suggested rolling my R's.

"Meh, Ill do it anyway, You better save my place, Faii" He replied getting up at giving me the evils.

"Kay!!! See you soon Alexander" I say.

I watch with my eybrows knitting together as th teenage boy walked on the concrete to the two girls with a cheeky smile on his face.

I listened closely and heard their whole converation.

"Hello Girlys, What you fine ladies arguing about he said with a smirk on his cheeky face.

"None of your buisness, Freckles. Now get out of here before we pound you!!" They said in perfect sync, staring at Matt with the exact evils he gave me earlier!!!








Matt walked over a terrified look on his face I go up from my seat on the ground and laughed in his face.



"your insecure dont know what for your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or" one of them started

I was slumped down in my seat quite annoyed while Matt was standing up and dancing along to the music crazingly."MATT WOULD YOU SIT DOWN!!" I screamed up at Matt chuckling a bit at his craziness.

"Come on lighten up Piper!"Matt yelped a someone stood on his foot with a heel.

she turned around "Im so sorry I didnt mean too, Hi Im Molly" the girl semingly named Molly said sticking out her hand to Matt.

They never stopped staring at eachother I got upand snapped my fingers in there hypnotised faces.

"Oh Is  this your Girlfriend??"Molly asked I bursted out laughing.

Because it was a slow song they were singing and we were at the front row everyone heard me and the music stopped.


"no Im not his girlfriend" I said

Molly sighed dreamily then walked out with Matt somewhere.OH yeah  I Must apoligise

I fixed the guitar bag on my back,and smiled awkwardly as two security gurds came behind me and lifted me up on stage making my guitar bag drop and I heard a load crash and a snap.

No, No,No, No thatwas my guitar the only thing I had keft of my parents

"NO!" I screamed tears falling on to my cheeks.I fell to my knees and stared at the bag.I forgot I was on stage I forgot that I was infront of millions of people and all I thought about was my Mam and dad.It felt like they werent there anymore like, thye had left my side forever.

I was brought out of my thought s from a tap ont he shoulder.I looked up and sniffled.

There was a guy with a quiff there. A very attractive guy......................0.0



This is another authors note so here we have some Matly moments ( Matt+Molly)

Ive already pictured and planeed what there wedding would be and what their babys would look like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ('>') <_- Hello im albert


Albert: BYE!!


IM updating again tommorow I must go there is something wrongwith the font.............................



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