Let it Rain (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Piper Anne Faii . 18 years old . Just a normal tennage girl. Known as one of the guys ...... To her it was never about how she looked or how many boys she had kissed.It was about the magic of sport.Swimming preferably.It would wash away her thoughts .All the drama in her life....... Follow her on her journey and how she meets 5 special lads named One Direction...............................................


2. Piper-Caleb , Matthew and Matthews girlfreind?????????

Ummm so really me  and my best guy freind ,Caleb were watching football on tele and next thing you know Matthew walks in with some girls tongue down his throat..

"Piper!WE HAVE A SITUATION" Caleb whisper shouted.

"Caleb!You know what this means" I smirked.

"Yes I do.It time for opperation Ice Cream" Caleb smirked while chuckling quitely.

I ran to the kitchen Caleb hot on my heels. He went over to the cupboard where the cutlery was located and I ran over to the freezer . Opening the freezer i grabbed two ice creams and quickly checked the expire dates. It was the 30 today and the expire date was the 4 when the heck does Caleb go grocery shopping???? Every Month?? hmm awkward.

"cookies and cream or Bubblegum?" I asked Caleb quickly."or the one that was left in the sun for two weeks" I said smirking ever so slightly.

"Outside!!!" Caleb Shouted so loud that my ears started ringing.

I ran outside and picked up the ice cream . Opening the lid and shutting it rapidly out of disgust from the awful smell that had filled my nostrils. IT was time for the prank of the century !!!!!

I ran back inside the 1995 ice cream in my hand hehe.

I gave it to Caleb and he chucked it into the cone he had in his hand.He handed me the cone and i quickly ran into the sitting room or as matthew likes to call it koalas hide... Yes they still had eachothers tongues down thir throats. I walked quitely up to matthews back and raised the cone above his head smirking  then I tipped it over and rubbed it in his raven black hair.From the Impact and smell of the Ice Cream he Broke away from the Girls lips and Screamed in a girly voice.The girl backed away and ran out the door!

"Meh, She wasnt a good kisser anyway" He continued "Umm what is this stuff" He rubbed his hair.... We never told him but we still remained  ROTFLing while he ran up the stairs to have a shower (:

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