Let it Rain (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Piper Anne Faii . 18 years old . Just a normal tennage girl. Known as one of the guys ...... To her it was never about how she looked or how many boys she had kissed.It was about the magic of sport.Swimming preferably.It would wash away her thoughts .All the drama in her life....... Follow her on her journey and how she meets 5 special lads named One Direction...............................................


1. Piper- Swimming

As I walked into the leisure centre the sweet smell of cholrine hit my face and went up my nose.I grinned . 'Yes' I whispered to myself. Tuesday was my favourite day of the week.It was the day swimming would be reduced from 10 pounds to a fiver.It was the only thing i could afford.I wish I could go 24/7 but I just couldnt afford it sadly.It may not seem but it was hard to find a job in London.Very hard indeed.I walk over to the receptionist .'Hi Piper . Hows your Mom doing?" The receptionist,Quinn asked ."Shes okay.Not the best but shes fine" I said. See my Mom, Gina orignally from Italy .At the age of 28 she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.Shes 35 now and shes still going strong."okay the usual?" She asked."Yeah" I said handing her 5 pounds."bye" I waved and walked down the hallway towads the dressing room.


Walking into the pool I felt my muscles relax and I let out a sigh I didnt know I was holding in. I put my head under water and blew some bubbles.Swimming a lap and then doing more until I felt like my whole body was just about to break down.Walking out of the pool i walked over to the showering area before going over to the changing rooms.


soo this is a authors note ... and this chapter is very short sorry about that ):




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