The New Baby(a short story for young children)

I wrote this for my little brother who is four and I thought I'd share it because, as a older sister I know how hard it can be to read them a story thats not about crazyness. Eleanor is actually my little sister in real life and the character is inspired by her. I also have baby Isaac, so that also inspired the story. I love you all! x


1. The New Baby

The New Baby

Eleanor had just been to school and was walking out, to meet her Mummy who usually picked her up from school. But, to her surprise, Daddy was there instead, with a great big smile spread across his face.


‘’ Hello Eleanor! I’ve got a big surprise for you tonight! ‘’ Smiled Daddy.

‘’ Ooh! What is it? ‘’ Asked Eleanor happily, hugging Daddy.

‘’ You’ll have to wait and see! ‘’ Said Daddy, leading Eleanor to the car and buckling their seatbelts.

Daddy drove down to a very big place, which Eleanor guessed was a hospital because she read a few signs around her.

‘’ Oh no! Daddy, who’s been hurt? Please tell me. ‘’ Said Eleanor, rather worried.

‘’ No-one, you Silly-Billy! Well, I was going to keep it a surprise until you saw for yourself, but I may as well tell you now. Mummy’s had her baby. It’s a little girl. ‘’ Said Daddy, almost laughing.

‘’ Hooray! ‘’ Said Eleanor excitedly.

Hand in hand, Eleanor and Daddy walked into the hospital.


Daddy asked nurse where to go and she showed him. When Daddy and Eleanor walked in, Mummy’s face lit up.                                                                                                                                                                            

‘’ Hello Eleanor! I’ve missed you so much! How’s school been? ‘’ She asked cheerfully.

‘’ Great! We played tag, my favourite game in P.E. and my class got extra playtime! May I see the baby? ‘’ Answered Eleanor, smiling.

‘’ That’s lovely, I’m glad you enjoyed today. And yes of course you can see the baby! She hasn’t been named yet, as we thought you’d want to pick a name. ‘’

‘’ Really? Oh Mummy thank you! ‘’ Cried Eleanor gleefully, happy she had such a great honour.

‘’ Yes, really. Careful, now. ‘’ Said Mummy whilst letting Eleanor carefully hold the baby.

‘’ Hmm, let me think. How about Skye? Because of her eyes? ‘’ Said Eleanor staring into the babys blinking, blue eyes.

‘’ Perfect! ‘’ Cried Mummy and Daddy simulatously, in joy.

That night Eleanor fell fast asleep dreaming of her new little sister, Skye…

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