One silly moment,One silly decision. But what happens when he finds her? What can she do to stop him?


2. Chapter 2

I staggered to the car,My stomach still aching. I rubbed my hand along the stitches wincing in pain, Joe took my hand and let me up to the car. I sat in the passengers seat when the car started and the engine rumbled I felt the pain again, Yet again I winced I didn't say anything because I know they would take me back so I just sat there and bit my lip. When we got to the house I brushed past everyone and climbed up the stairs when Harry grabbed my arm "Hey I gotta get back to the boys sorry babe see you tomorrow" He said kissing me on the cheek. I nodded and walked up into my room and flumped on the bed and before I knew it I was asleep.
I woke up to the sound of scratching, I tilted my head to the clock 3:30AM Oh my god.. I sighed and and tried to get back to sleep but the scratching carried on, I sat up and looked at my balcomy door and he was stood there scratching my door with a big shiny knife my eyes widened as I recognised the guy from yesterday, The one that knocked me down. He lifted his finger to his lips and disappered around the corner, I kept deeply breathing as I looked at the door I slumped down my bed and fluttered my eyes closed.
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