One silly moment,One silly decision. But what happens when he finds her? What can she do to stop him?


1. Chapter 1

I woke up lying in a white room with a white gown on, I looked around me to see 2 boys lying on the sofa and 2 girls sat on chairs, Joe,Harry,Zoey and Gemma. I start remebering what happened as I got a flashback..

I was walking out of the club with the gang as we got to an alleyway I was laughing until I saw bright lights coming my way and a car came out of nowhere and knocked me down. I could see him come towards me, I looked at the gang as they stood there with their eyes wide and about to cry BANG! I looked at the man he had a gun and I looked down to see blood cover me as It went black....

I shook out of the flashback and looked at my stomach, I saw stitches and dry blood across the wound, I took a deep breath in and looked at everyone. They were surrounding me but I couldn't hear anything over my heartbeat Badum Badum Badum Badum It just kept on getting faster and faster until I breathed out to let my ears fill with chatter

"Oh my god Jen you scared us so much are you okay? Jen, JEN!" I looked up at Zoey.

"Sorry I just-" She wrapped her arms around me

"You feeling better? If you are your aloud to go home! I'm coming with you though I'm not going to leave you alone" She said smiling and throwing some joggers and a hoody at me.

"And me" "Me too" "Me three" Joe, Harry and Gemma blurted out smiling.

"Well okay but your staying in the spare bedrooms plus can you get out so I can change? I feel better now" They all nodded their heads and walked out. I put my Hollister joggers on and my Jack Wills hoodie on. I didn't care what my hair looked like so I put it up in a bun. I collected my stuff and walked out.

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