A poem about this world expressed in two opinions. Others' and mine. My opinion is not clearly stated but it is there, hidden in between, in the cursive coincidences, etc.

I was going to say something else but I can't remember exactly what it is.
Hope you enjoy.
If you enjoy.

I would recommend you to read the author's note first, since I only thought of writing one after I'd written the poem. (that's just because you know, if you had something else in thought about the poem or if something else and .. something =)
And... and yeah! The author's note is only a few lines.
You don't have to read it of course.
Thank you.


2. Author's note


Haha! I finally get to make an author's note. Cool!

It's hard. I've just erased the same sentence a few times.


Author's note:

This poem is not to be considered as any form of attack.

You must know - if you ever read my first author's note (you should be honoured) - that this poem is an outlet for all these thoughts inside my head that I can't keep inside my mind or outside with the stars.

Thank you.

For reading this.

If you ever read it.



You can always ignore the poem and refuse to read this + the poem.

Maybe I should have put this author's note in the beginning.


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