Can't Help Falling In Love

Amy finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She turns to Harry, her best friend of many years, and her brother John who is in the hospital with lung cancer, but Harry can’t seem to shake the feeling that Amy is more than just a friend. How will he tell her?


4. Movie Night

Amy's POV

*2 weeks later*

There has not been a day where I didn’t want to to forgive Jason and Joanna. I missed the talks I would have with them about anything and everything. I missed how Jason would hold me tight, and kiss me. He always kept me hidden, telling me that his friends would insult. He told me he was protecting me. In some way, I wanted to believe him, but i knew it was bullsiht. It hurt, but he was a nice guy otherwise, so that one flaw could be overlooked.

There was only one good thing about what had happened. Harry. Harry and I hadn’t had a day without spending time together. Every night, for the past two weeks we got together at my house for a movie. Tonight, Harry decided on a scary movie, which i didn’t agree with. I have a fear of scary movies, I can barely get through the trailers.

“Haz! You now I can’t watch that!” I screamed it out.

“Come on Amy! I’ll be here, it’ll be fine! I can protect you!” He flashed me his cheekiest smile, and struck a pose only fit for superman.

“Oh really, you’ll protect me huh? We’ll see about that-” I climbed the staircase, and leaned over the top railing. I tried to speak through my giggles. “Oh, Harry, help me, I’m falling! Save me! I’m too beautiful to die!”


“Oh, you’ve done it now Mr. Styles, you’re going DOWN!”


I ran towards him, but he faked a scream, and ran away like a little girl with his arms flailing. I chased him around my  house for awhile until I finally caught up to him. I jumped on his back, and stated to imitate a knight on his steed.

“Onward great stallion! To the kitchen, food awaits!”

Harry ran into the kitchen where he le me down. I sat on the counter, and aited for him to catch his breath from the running.

“Geez Haz, you’re out of shape.”

“You calling me fat?”


“You’ll regret it”

“What do you mean?”

“This is what i mean!-” He started tickling me, and he knew my ticklish spots too, only as a result from countless tickle wars when we were kids. There was this one place near my hips, and this odd spot on knee. Of course, Harry went for those first.

“Harry! Stop it! Not fair!”

“Take it back then!”

“Never I say, NEVER!”

“Then, I won’t stop!”

“FINE, FINE, I TAKE IT BACK. You’re the fittest guy i know Haz!”

“That’s more like it. Now what about that food waiting for us?”

We got out some chips, popcorn, and soda, then went to the living room to watch the movie. I must have screamed so loud that my entire neighbourhood heard me, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep alone. Good thing it was Friday night, so Harry could sleepover. After the movie ended, I was so tired that i went straight to sleep.

Harry’s POV

After we watched our movie, Amy fell asleep in my arms. Sitting, with this girl, I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet. The past two weeks we have been together a lot, and I finally know how I feel about her. I never noticed it before, but she is the most beautiful girl I have ever known. The way she looked you in the eyes when you spoke, the way she cared about others more than herself, the way her hair fell perfectly around her face. I brushed a lock of hair away from her face as she slept. She had the most gorgeous eyes. Whenever she looked at me with those beautiful orbs, I always thought the same thing. Amy, I love you with all my heart.

I want to tell her how I feel, but I can’t. Tomorrow is the X Factor auditions, and what if I tell her? What if she turns me down? I won’t be able to go on stage after that. Maybe I’ll see how the audition turns out, they I’ll tell her. The one thing I know though, I definitely have to tell her, because loving a girl is one thing, but being in love with your best friend is another. I don’t know how to tell her, all I know is that I want it to be perfect, with no one else in the picture. No Jason, no Joanna, just her and I.

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