Can't Help Falling In Love

Amy finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She turns to Harry, her best friend of many years, and her brother John who is in the hospital with lung cancer, but Harry can’t seem to shake the feeling that Amy is more than just a friend. How will he tell her?


11. Lost and Found


Harry's POV

All five of us stampeded towards the car, practically falling over each other as we went. We piled into the car, and drove off at lightening speed towards the hotel. It was a twenty minute drive to our destination, but the boys and i all wanted to be there in less than ten, which was clearly evident with the speed that we were going at. Even with the the pace we currently held, all of us shouted at Lou to drive faster. We were a driver’s worst nightmare at the moment, cutting people off, an doing everything we possibly could to shorten our arrival time. 

We were less than two minutes away from the hotel, when, out of the blue, a grey car flipped over once. The cause was from a semi, slamming into the side of the car. The damage didn’t seem too bad for what we saw, so we kept going. We didn’t have time to worry about that crash, especially when we were only minutes away from a hotel where the one girl that I love is being violated by a vulgar bastard. Our plan changed a bit, an we cut through the nearest gas station, bypassing the traffic, and then took the back roads. It should have added five minutes to our arrival time, but, since the roads were so empty, we drove so fast that we got there in less than three. 

We pulled up the hotel, where Niall, Zayn, Liam and I were out of the car, racing to the entrance before Louis even put the car into park. He wasn’t far behind us though, getting to the front desk literally seconds after the rest of us did. 

I bombarded the young man at the front desk with my questions. “Did a guy check in here earlier today with a girl? about our age?”, I motioned to the boys, then looked back at the an, who was obviously shocked. He replied, a tad bit bewildered, “Yes, not too long ago, they actually checked out of their room.” This shocked me, and obviously the other boys as well. “WHAT?!” the boys and I screamed in unison. “Um, yes. They left accompanied with another girl. One of them seemed to be unconscious. I can’t help but think that they should be taking that girl to the hospital, but-” He tried to sound helpful, but I cut him off.. Time was wasting, and I needed to find Amy. “Which way did they go? What car was it?” I needed answers, and I needed them now. He looked me straight in the eyes, but he seemed, awkward. “They, uh, they went in that direction-” he pointed to the direction we had just come from, “- and I believe it was a black car?” Niall chimed in, “Are you one hundred percent sure that it was black?” The man looked at us, pondering Niall’s question, when his expression changed. “No, actually, it wasn’t black, it was grey. It was most definitely grey. I’m sure of it. Although, I do not remember what kind of car.”

The grey car that flipped crossed my mind, but I disregarded it. Then the news came onto the radio.

‘Breaking News! A grey Suzuki SX4 has flipped over once on Highway 10, at the major intersection. The car was hit by a semi, heading westbound, going well over the speed limit. Further investigation is needed to tell if drinking was involved. Bystanders are reporting that no one seemed to be hurt, and that three persons emerged from the crash, two women and one man, all around the age of 16. One of the women appeared to be unconscious, being carried by the male. They fled the accident before help arrived. No further information has been collected, but you, the viewers will be notified as son as possible. If you know anything about today’s story please call…”

No, no, no, no. They were in that car. They were in the crash, but they fled. Joanna and Jason fled, with Amy, taking her to god knows where, but I am as sure hell that I am going to find her.

*2 days later*

Nothing has turned up about the crash, well, nothing important anyways. The news reported that the car wasn’t a stolen vehicle, which was quite irrelevant to what was really going on.

I’ve been going crazy, racking my brain for answers as to where those two psychos could have taken my gorgeous Amy. More importantly, wa she going to be okay when I found her?

I am so desperate, that I have been calling her cellphone non stop, even though I already know that she isn’t going to answer. I want to go to the police, but I can’t. Management told the boys and I that if we got involved with authorities in any way, our chances to make it as singers on the X factor would be terminated.

It’s up to me to find her, I thought, so I told the boys that I was going home to try and figure this out. My best bet was to look at the letters Amy used to write to me. She wouldn’t send them in the mail or anything, she would just write them, and slip them into my locker or put them into my backpack when i wasn’t looking. I kept every single one she ever wrote to me, keeping them in a shoe box, in the back of my closet.

I took them out of their place, and began to read. I came across one that I remembered well. It was written about a month before Amy caught Jason and Joanna together.

It reads;

Hey Hazza!

I wanted to tell you this in person, but you know me, I just can’t help it. I’ve been so busy with Jason that I haven’t had the time to just hang out with you or Jo. ANYWAYS. I have BIG news. The X Factor, y’know, our FAVOURITE show?! AUDITIONS ARE SOON! AND I SIGNED YOU UP! You better sing our song! or something from Stevie Wonder, that giant hunk of talent.

Not only that, but I have news about Jason. I think I’m in love with him. Do you remember our park? Well, not ‘our’ park, but the park that we’ve loved going to ever since we were kids? Do you remember that day when we were went on an ‘adventure through the trees, and how we found an abandoned building? The one not big enough for a house, but not small enough for a shed? Who am I kidding, of course you remember it, we go there all the time. Anyways, I told Jason about it awhile ago, telling him that it was my favourite place. Well, somehow he found it and took me there for a date. He made a picnic and everything, mind you, it wasn’t as good as your cooking, but he tried. It’s the thought that counts right? 

That date made me realize just how much he means to me, and how much I obviously mean to him. I guess now we have to share our place with Jason. I hope you don’t mind curly. ;)

Love Amy xx

It broke my heart to read that. ‘I’m in love with him’. If only she knew who he really was. Even though it’s terrible that she had loved jason that much, what had happened later taht day was worse.

John, Amy’s brother, was having a relatively good day (well, as of a good a person could have with lung cancer), and whenever John was happy, Amy reflected him.

Later that night though after about six o’clock in the evening, one of John’s lungs collapsed. I got a call from Amy’s mum, and I was in tears before I hung up. John and I shared a special bond. Although I was best friends with Amy, and obviously closer to her, there was something different about John and I. We were like brothers. I would take a bullet for him as he would for me.

I drove to the hospital and found Amy running through the halls, screaming “HE CAN’T DIE!” She was in hysterics, rushing through the halls at intense speeds, while I tried to catch up. I remember when I finally got a hold of her, she wouldn’t look at me. She would only say, “John, he, he, he, c-can’t die, no, no, no.” Remembering that lonely, other-worldly look in her eyes was making me tear up. Amy seemed so out of it. I had never seen her like that before, and it truly scared me.

Soon, her favourite place went from that old building to the hospital. She was there every waking minute, sitting there by her brother’s bedside. If anything, I bet Amy would want nothing more than to be with her brother right now. Fuck, where could she be? I wish she would just turn up at my door, with her beautiful smile, asking to join her for movie night. GOD DAMMIT HARRY! You’re going to find her! And I have to do it soon, or else this will end up in the news, and I knew that that was the last thing that Amy would want, and the last thing that the band needs. I need some air, I need to just calm down, and think.

I decided to walk to that old building again. I put in my earphones and just listened to our song, Can’t Help Falling In Love. I zoned out, and just replayed that day, on my way to the audition, listening to it with Amy sat beside me in the car.

For reasons unknown, I was compelled to take out my earphones, and that’s when I heard it. Someone else was here. Their voice was muffled, but I could tell that they were calling for help. As I walked closer to old building, I could them calling my name, with that familiar voice… 

It was Amy’s voice.

I have found her.

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