Can't Help Falling In Love

Amy finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She turns to Harry, her best friend of many years, and her brother John who is in the hospital with lung cancer, but Harry can’t seem to shake the feeling that Amy is more than just a friend. How will he tell her?


7. Broken


Obviously Amy wasn’t over Jason, even though I thought she was. Our constant sleepovers, and movie nights, she seemed to have forgotten who he was. The way we spoke to each other, I truthfully thought that she could care less about him, but her phone buzzed. 

It was late, and her and I were having a classic movie night, accompanied by the boys of course, when her phone rang an unfamiliar tune. She looked  at the phone with a happy expression, excused herself, and went outside to take the call. What was with her lately? We’ve been here for two days, and all she has done was text. She wouldn’t let me look at her phone for some reason, which was quite unusual for her. I didn’t want to be nosey, so I let her have her privacy. 

Harry's POV

After what felt like an eternity, and it pretty much was, considering that we managed to get through two movies while she was gone, she finally came back. The largest smile was plastered on her face, but something wasn’t right. Her smile seemed a little fake, and it wasn’t her usual smile. It reminded me of the way she was before she caught Jason and Joanna. Was she talking to Jason again? She couldn’t have been, she’s so much stronger than that. I’m sure she wouldn’t even accept a call from him. But what if I was dead wrong? I’ll have to ask her.

When all agreed that it was time to go to bed, and so I thought i would get a chance to ask her when everyone was settled, and it was just her and I. Just when I was going to ask her, she silenced me with her voice.

“Hey Haz, I can tell you anything right? you promise me you won’t get mad?”

I was a bit surprised that she had to ask this, because she already knew the answer. But I continued on anyways, interested in what was to be said.

“Of course Amy! Why, is everything okay?”

I had a thought about what she could say, but I quickly pushed that thought of my mind. The thought her even saying Jason’s name gave me chills. She said what she wanted to a bit fast, so that it wasn’t as serious. Sort of like ripping off a band aid.

“Well, Jason apologized. And I forgave him-“

No, Amy, please, he’s not serious about it. He just thinks that this will hurt his image.

“-and he asked if him and I could continue our relationship like nothing ever happened-“

Please, don’t tell me you believed him. Don’t tell me that you’re agreeing with this.

“-so, Harry, I’m leaving tomorrow. He’s coming to pick me up. We’re going to spend the rest of the week together at the hotel across town. I know you don’t like him, but Harry, you know that I love him. Please, don’t be mad.”

Her words pierced my heart. It felt as if it was stabbed with a thousand swords. I was finally speechless. I tried to hold back, but I felt a tear fall, and that’s when it started. She couldn’t see my silent crying, because of the darkness. 

“Haz? You haven’t said anything for at least five minutes. Please, don’t be mad.”

By now, tears were flooding down my cheeks. I got up in a hurry, and started towards the door.

“Haz, please don’t me mad-“

I cut her off, rather harshly, but I couldn’t help it. I tried to sound strong, but my voice was broken, and you could obviously tell that I was crying.

“I’m not mad. Just broken.”

With that last comment, I hastily left. Grabbed my shoes, and ran out the door. I needed to get away from her. My best friend, the one whom I love. I can’t stand to see her get hurt again. I knew I would go back eventually but, I couldn’t go back if she was there. 

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