One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


8. Where's Harry?


I get the camp and I see that Liam and Louis were talking but stopped when they saw me. I wonder what they talked about.....   "What do you got there?" Liam asks.   "Blankets, clothes, and a little toy boat," I answer throwing the stuff on the ground.   "A toy boat?" Louis asks.   "Ya, I thought that...." I start but Lauren comes out from behind me yelling, "We found some real food!"   Niall followed her. She had a dead fish in her hands and Niall had tons of coconuts in his hands and leaning up against his chest.   "Coconuts?" I question.   "A toy boat," Liam counters.   "You got a toy boat so Malena could sail back and get help!" Lauren blurts out laughing. I join in. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I liked this girl.   "That's what I thought!" I spit out in between laughter.   "Good to know that you enjoy teasing Malena," Liam jokes.   "I hate her," I counter quickly stopping laughing.   "Whatever," he rolls his eyes.   "Shut up," I punch him.   "I'm hungry so let's cook this fish," Niall throws the coconuts to the ground and raises his arms up.   "If only Zayn were here he could get the fire going again," Lauren mutters.   "Shut up. I can do this," Liam says grabbing a rock and a twig. He tries and tries.    "I give up," Liam throws down the twig into the fire and it lights up.   "Really? I mean come on," Liam yells at the fire.   "Not going to help," I shrug.   "Now let's crack these coconuts," Louis starts.   "How?" I question.   "You throw it on the ground really hard," Niall suggest grabbing on and throwing it as hard as he could on the sand. It thuds in the sand.   "Wow," Lauren and I clap slowly.   "Okay let's try hitting against a rock," I suggest grabbing a rock and trying to break it. Nothing.   "Stupid coconut," I throw it to the ground.    "So this is not going to work. Let's just cook the fish," Liam suggests.   "Good idea," we all sit on the sand and roast the fish over the fire. The coconuts became our seats. Then it hit me. Harry was supposed to be with them. Where was he?
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