One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


18. We have to climb up that?


LAUREN'S POV   Makenzie, Harry, Louis and Liam just came into our hut. This was odd. I'm glad Makenzie is back though. Wait where was Mason?   "We need to get out of here," Liam yells to all of us.   "Why?" I question.    I saw Makenzie was crying and was bloody. What happened?   "What happened?" I blurt out.   "Run.. run.." Makenzie says.    "That's all she have been saying," Liam mentions.   "What's wrong with her?" I ask.   "I don't know," Harry shrugs.   "Let's just get out of here," Louis mentions.   We all nod and start booking it out of the hut. We reached the shoreline and took a break. Louis put Makenzie on the sand.   "What happened?" we all ask in  her unison.   "We need to get off this island," is all she says.
"What happened?" I insist looking out into the sunset.    "Was it Mason?" Malena blurts out.   She shook her head.   "I will tell you soon but we need to go to that mountain top," She points to the mountain in the middle of the island.   "ALL THE WAY UP THERE?" Malena and I yell looking at the tall mountain peek.    She nods.   "Please tell us," I sigh not happy I have to walk all that way.   "I have to be quick," she spits out.   We nod.   "So there is a beast on this island. It comes out every June. Since it hit June 1st today it came out. It comes for a week. Mason told me about it and he says the only way to escape is go up the mountain. It won't bug us but otherwise we are meat. So our best chanceof surviving is either fleeing the island which I don't think is going to happen or climbing up that," Makenzie says ever so quickly.   "Do we have to?" I whine.   "Good. Whine. He likes grapes," Makenzie counters.   "I guess if we have too," I sigh.   Makenzie tries to stands up but fails. Her leg is bum and she is too weak to walk. Louis picks her up carrying her bridal style and starts heading for the mountain top. Everyone else starts walking too. This was not going to be a fun trip.   "HARRY CARRY ME!" Malena yells chasing after Harry.    "You have legs, use them," Harry remarks.   "Excuse me?" Malena snaps her fingers.   "The only reason why Louis is carrying Makenzie is because she can't walk," Harry points out.   "But I am too lazy to walk..." She pouts.   "Toughen up," he counters.   "Niall?" Malena says sweetly.   "Not going to happen," he counters walking a little faster.   "I will," Zayn says.   "Uh...." Malena says awkwardly.   "Okay," she finally says. He grabs her waist and carries her over his shoulder.   "This wasn't what I meant!" she screams flailing her legs and arms. I start laughing.   Zayn smirks.   "What about me?" I pout.   "You are a soccer player," Niall smirks. Wait how does he know that?   "How do you.." I start but Makenzie interrupts me.   "You know you guys might want to walk faster," she mentions.   "You are the one talking," Louis looks down at her. She smirks back.   "I am just saying. This is how this happened to me. Running and tripping and all that," she adds.    "Speaking of that, did you walk by a stream?" I bring up.   "Yes, I even saw you and Niall. I was going to scream but I ended up tripping on a giant stone while I was running. When I got up, you two were gone," she explains.   "Oh so it was just you," Niall sighs in relief.   "Ya," she nods slowly.   "And what was that about you getting grabbed by though hands?" Malena questions.   "Oh..I will ask Mason to explain that to you," she says slowly.   "What happened?" Louis asks persistently.   She was silent.   "I will put in down," he threatens.   "Do your worst," she counters smiling.   He tossing her up in the air and catches her. She screams slightly.   "Now tell me," he demands placing his forehead to hers.   "No," she smiles.   "Louis," Liam mutters fake coughing.   Louis pulls away.   "I'll carry her," Liam grabs Makenzie from Louis's hands and places her in his arms.   "What about me?" I demand.   "Walk," all the guys say.   "Hey, I'm backwards," Malena whines looking at me.   "Better than me," I remark.   "True," she nods.   "Where is this thing anyways?" Zayn asks.   "Behind us," Makenzie says calmly.   "WHAT?" we all scream.


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