One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


12. Truth or Dare?


LAUREN'S POV   I think I like this Mason guy. He is cute. He is strong and has a nice face. I could get to like this guy.   So I was tired too and we all sat around eating some soup he made. It was so good. A good cook too? What more could this guy do? I like him more and more already.   "So, that Makenzie girl do you know her very well? he asks as he takes a bite of soup. So he likes her? Why her?   I was going to say bad stuff about her but Liam answers first, "No, not much. We are all kind of strangers."  "Oh, I see," he nods.   "Why do you fancy her?" Harry asks.   "Fancy?" he questions.   "Yes, it's British for like," I correct smiling.   "Oh. Your British talk is funny," he giggles. Can guys giggle? I guess he can.   "Do you fancy or like her?" Harry repeats.   "I mean who doesn't," he nods taking another bite of soup.    "What does that mean?" I ask sharply.   "What's your problem?" he asks.   "Nothing," I answer quickly. I look down into my soup.   "The soup is very good," Liam complements. Only Liam....   "Thanks. Family recipe," he smirks. He is so cute. Why can't he like me and not Makie? Ugrrrr.. this is annoying.
Just then Louis and Niall barge in.    "Who are they?" Mason asks.   "Niall, and what are you eating?" Niall answers eager to eat.   "Veggie soup," Mason pours a bowl for both of them.   "I'm Louis by the way," Louis mentions.   "Nice to meet you both," he nods handing them the bowl.   "And I'm guessing you're Mason," Louis adds.   He nods. Niall digs into his soup and Louis does the same.   "Wow, you guys are hungry," Mason chuckles.   "Being on an island without much food or water does that to a person," I smile.   "Trust me I know," he smirks back. Maybe he is liking me too?   "So do you think Makenzie would want some soup too?" Mason asks. Of course her again... I am started to dislike her more than Malena. And if you are surprised I don't like Malena, don't be. I just put on a smile in front of her. I hate her just as much as Makenzie if not more.   "She didn't seem to want to come," Niall states taking another bite of soup.   "I'll..." Louis starts but is interrupted by Mason.   "I'll go get her," Mason stands up leaving his soup on the wooden chair he was sitting on and walks out.    He left us in the one room hut sitting on wooden chairs.   "So," Malena starts breaking the odd silence.   "Good soup right?" Niall questions.   "Very," I answer.   "So are we going to live here now?" Malena asks.   "I don't know," Harry shrugs.    "We should. It's much nicer," I suggest.   Everyone nods.   "So you want to play truth or dare?" Louis suggests.   "Sure," I agree in an odd tone of voice.   "Okay I will go first," Louis smiles at me. Crap. He was going to pick me. This wasn't good. Louis had evilness in his eyes. I could tell he was going to ask me something I didn't want to answer.   "Lauren, truth or dare," Louis asks staring directly in my eyes seriously.   "Well, I'm guess if I say dare you are going to say I dare you to tell the truth so let's just go truth," I answer logically. Since when am I logically? This island water must be getting to me.   "What?" Louis asks.   "Truth just truth," I answer simply.   "Okay then. Do you fancy Mason?" Louis asks directly.   "No," I answer quickly. No flipping way was I going to tell him I liked Mason.   "You lie!" he hollers. "I saw the way you look at him!"    "I don't really know him," I defend.   "Do you like his face?" Louis asks demanding. It looked like he was about to laugh but he held it in.   "What the.." I start.   "You know his appearance,"  Harry corrects.   "Well, I mean I guess so," I answer wishywashy. I didn't want to tell them anything.   "THAT'S YES!" Louis yells thrilled I kind of answered his question.   I shrug.   "My turn," I counter with the same evilness in my eyes.   "Louis, truth or dare," I demand.   "Dare," Louis winks.   "I dare you to tell the truth!" I yell.   "Fine. Give it your worst," Louis smirks.   "Who do you like?" I question.   "I....uh....uh.. well....I... am kind of in a tough situation..." Louis stutters.   Just then Mason barges into the hut and we all freeze.   "Makenzie?" Harry asks.   "Didn't want to come. I guess she doesn't like me," Mason shrugs. I was screaming of excitement on the inside.   "But I will make her," Mason finishes. My heart sank and I tightened my teeth.    Louis glances over at me with a smirk on his face. I throw him a look of anger back.   He sat down and the night goes on with talking and eating and what not. We all end up falling asleep later on around 11 or so.


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