One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


30. This is becoming a midsummer's nights dream

Harry and Makie look at each with wide eyes and a shocked look on their face. Something tells me they know what's going on. 

  "What is going on?" I question.   "Well.." Makie stutters.   "Tell me," I demand.   "Fine. Mason is cursed with the beastness. So whoever he eats gets that power and he is freed. Sarah is freeing him," Harry explains.   "So Sarah is getting eaten right now?" Malena exclaims.   "No... now," Harry pauses until he hears a screaming.   "Oh," I sigh. To be honest, she could be drowning for all I care.   "At least it's not me," Malena mutters.   "So what happened to you?" I get straight to the point.   "I will make it simple," Makie starts.   "Okay go ahead," I cross my arms.   "After Malena ditched me with the Mason beast, Harry came to my rescue and helped me out of there. I was shaky about the whole thing. But I made it and I thought that maybe we could get bars on the mountain. We found Liam and Louis and told them to go ahead of us. So we found you and we are now here," Makie informs.   "Wait what about knowing about the creature curse thingy?" Malena adds.   "I have my ways," she states winking.   "How?" Malena repeats.   "I ran into Sarah before Liam and Louis and she told me," Makie finally answers.   "Oh," we all sigh.   "So now that that is straight let's get off here," I yell.   "Um.. well I want to tell Malena something," Niall starts. This is just great...   "I love you," he finishes.   Malena's eyes widen.    "What?" he asks looking her in the eyes.   "I like you too," she smiles.   "Wait what?" Harry yells.   "I thought you liked me," he ends.   "Not any more," Malena points her nose upwards at him.   "That's great," Niall smiles back.   "This is sappy," I utter under my breath.   "I know," Makie whispers rolling her eyes. I took a deep breath. I was over Niall.    "Well, I'm tired," I sigh.   "Well, you can sleep til you die," Harry looks at his watch.   "How much longer?" I question.   "Well, Sarah got her facts wrong. We actually have a 20 hours," Harry corrects.   "So much better," I mutter sarcastically.   "Well it is," he shrugs.   "I think we should sleep since it's like 1 in the morning," I suggests.   Everyone nods and we fall asleep.

  So everyone was sleeping except me. I close my eyes pretending I was sleeping but I wasn't. There was too much pressure on my shoulders. I open my eyes and see the sun is starting to rise. I hear voices. I close my eyes again pretending to sleep. These voices were unlike any I have ever heard.   They sounded like little people. Malena came into mind. They had high pitched voices. I listened closely.   "Put this one in her ear and that one in his ear," a high pitched girly voice says.   I crack my eyes open. It was a two fairies. One was a girl and one was a guy. The girl fairy was blue and sparkly and the guy was green and had a pointy nose. They both were walking on their feet. They had wings though. They also had a little glass jar fill of red stuff in their hands.   "This one is awake," the boy fairy pointed to me.   "SHHHH, SHHH. I'm not going to hurt you," I whisper so that they don't leave.   "I wasn't going to leave. I knew you were awake," the girl fairy says.   "Creeper. How did you.." I start but trail off.   "I know things," she smiles.   "What are you doing here?" I question changing the topic.   "I am here to take care of your issues," she says sweetly.    "Which ones?" I raise an eyebrow.   "Time will tell my dear," she winks. She starts to fade into thin air.   "WAIT! WHAT'S YOU'RE NAMES?" I yell at them.   But it was too late they were gone.   "Harry," Harry looks at me sitting up and rubbing his eyes.   "No, not you. The... never mind," I start but stop knowing he wouldn't understand.   "What time is it?" he looks around.    I shrug.   He looks at his watch.   "12 hours," he mentions.   "I'll get the others," I state.    "WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs.   "Nice," he winks at me.   I smile back.   Everyone scrambles around.    "WHAT THE HECK?" Malena screams.   "Time to get up," I grin.   "I hate you," she jokes.   "Ditto," I wink.   "Why are we up so early?" Lauren asks.   "12 hours," I add.   "Oh nice. You woke me up so that I could I will die in like a few," Lauren blurts out angrily.   "Yes," I give the biggest smile I could.   "Whatever," Lauren yawns rolling her eyes.   Lauren leans her head on Liam's shoulder. It reminded me of Malena and Niall.   "So are you and Niall together now?" I inquire Malena.   "Niall and I? I have no feelings for him," she says bluntly.   "Same here," Niall raises his eyebrow.   "But I thought..." I protest.   "You thought wrong," Niall corrects.   Then it hit me. That's what the fairies changed. So who likes who now?
"So like everyone likes someone different now," I blurt out.   "Wait what?" Liam looks  over at me.   "Right?" I glance at him.   "Ya, I mean I guess so," he nods slowly.   "How do you know that?" Niall looks at me.   "Fairies," I answer.   "Kangaroos. Now stop being random and tell us," Zayn stammers.   "Fairies did it," I answer confidently.   "Okay whatever. Anything can happen here," Lauren nods.    "And wait. Am I right?" I look around.   "Louis? Do you still like me?" I glance at him.   He shook his head.   "Liam?" I question.   Same thing.   "Okay so everyone tell us who you like. I mean what do you have to lose. We have no hope at surviving anyways," I state.   "I'm not saying it," Louis insists.   "Fine Louis you go first," I wink at him.   "Eleanor," he smiles.   "Peachy," I nod.   "Next," I look around for my next victim.   "Harry?" I glance at him.   His eyes widen.   "You," he flirts.   "Peachy," I nod again. I kind of ignored it. I didn't have time to think at this point and Lauren was right anything could happen on this island so I guess I was kind of used to it.   "Lauren?" I wonder.   "How about we just all say it at the same time?" Liam suggests.   "Sure go for it," I agree.   "Danielle," Liam says.   "Lauren," Zayn adds.   "Zayn," Lauren continues.   "Makenzie," Niall states.   "Liam," Malena yells.   "Okay good. So Lauren and Zayn and that's all," I say slowly.   "Okay," Liam says slowly looking at Malena. He was as puzzled as I.   Why did the fairies had to make life so hard?
I glance at Lauren. Oh crap. She has a horn and a horses tail. She was turning into a unicorn.    Just then we became yet another year younger. Crap we are going to die soon. Or rather never exist.   "FAIRIES HELP US!" I scream ignoring the aging thing and the Lauren thing. We all got used to it by now.   Just then everyone around me was sleeping. Wait what?   The two fairies appeared again.   "Looks like we made a mistake," she smiles.   "You think? Lauren is turning into a unicorn!" I exclaim.   "Sorry wrong potion," she sighs.   "Please fix it," I stammer.   "Okay, calm your brows," she hisses.   I nod and try to relax.   They pour some potion down each of the people's ears. Next thing I know the fairies are gone and everyone is awake.   "So who likes who?" I question quickly.   "Lauren and I," Zayn wraps her waist around her.   "Niall and I," Malena smiles leaning her head on his shoulder.   "I will keep my Danielle," Liam smiles.    "Anyone else?" I question as a silence filled the air.   "Well who do you fancy?" Louis asks.   "I don't know," I shrug.   "Me?" he winks.   "I guess," I shrug. Then he pulls me close to him and pecks me on the lips. My heart stopped. I really did like Louis.    "Yes," I smile pulling away.   "What about Eleanor?" Liam asks.   "Eleanor who?" Louis smiles.    Liam shakes his head grinning.   "What about me?" Harry pouts.   "You can have that tree," I joke pointing to the nearest tree.   "Well the publicity would think that is my girlfriend anyways," Harry laughs.   "True, true," Louis nods.   "Speaking of publicity, look!" Lauren shouts pointing upwards. It was a helicopter! We were saved.    The helicopter lowered and we hopped in. The guy driving the helicopter didn't say a word to us as we hopped on. We were happy we were finally getting off this island and becoming our real age again once we got home.   THE END


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