One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


24. The problems are only just beginning

"I love Louis! So back off Makenzie and Eleanor!"  Sarah blurts out.
  "Wait what?" Louis yells back.
  "I love Sarah though!" Niall screams. Well at least I don't have to ask him anymore.   "Crap, I wasn't suppose to say that," Niall mutters.   "But I love you!" Lauren shouts. Lauren covers her mouth quickly.   "WHAT?!?!" Niall screams shocked.    "But I love you!" Harry shouts.   "Me?" Niall looks at him strangely.   "Are you an idiot? He was talking to me!" Lauren screams. "Wait me?" she realizes what she just said.   "He is blonde," I mention laughing.   "Wait you love me?" Lauren questions again.   "I love you though!!!" Malena screams.   "I thought you two were together?" Lauren continues.   "That's what Malena said," Zayn looks at her wide eyes. Whatsup with that?   "Well, it's not exactly technically, right?" Harry looks at Malena.   "I thought it was!" she shouts.   "Well, now you are free for Zayn," Niall smirks.   "Wait.. Zayn likes Malena?" I question missing something.   "Oh ya you weren't there," Niall nods.   "Well, I know now. Anyone else wanna fess up?" I look around.   "I don't think there is anyone left," Liam chuckles.   I shrug.   "So let me get this straightened out. Liam and Louis like Makenzie but Makenzie has a boyfriend and they have girlfriends. Sarah likes Louis. Niall likes Sarah. Lauren likes Niall. Harry likes Lauren. Malena likes Harry. And I like Malena," Zayn restates.   "Yes, and it's Makie," Lauren corrects winking.   "Sure whatever," he smiles.   "Okay, so this is a big mess," I state obviously.   "I need to talk to you, Harry," Lauren pulls him aside. Malena was sitting under a tree her face buried in her arms. I think she was crying but I couldn't tell.     "I need to talk to you, Sarah," Niall pulls Sarah aside too.      "We need to talk," Liam and Louis insist.     "What is there to talk about?" I shrug.   Then I feel my phone in my pocket buzz because the battery was low. Wait. Phone? Why the heck didn't I think of this earlier?   I pull it out. And there is no bars. Peachy.... Wait how did Mason get bars?   "We already tried that," Louis mentions.    "Oh," I sigh. I didn't want to tell them about the Mason thing. I needed to talk to him first. Another thought occurred in my mind. Why did Mason like me if he was like 100? Well 100 to at least me.... I need to talk to him.   "Can we talk?" Liam persists.   "Fine," I follow them.   "What is there to talk about?" I inquire once we got to a quiet spot.   "Well, I don't know. Maybe I just found out you have a boyfriend and I...don't know.. Maybe admitting to having a crush on you!" Liam shouts.   "So," I look at him strangely.   "Look, I'm sorry for playing with your feelings and whatnot," Louis starts.     "First of all, you didn't. I like you guys as brothers. Nothing more. Maybe less," I smirk.   "I'm glad that it all...." Louis trails off. "Wait what?"   "I said I don't like you like that. Sorry," I shrug.   "That's okay because we have girlfriends anyway. So it's all cool," Liam nods.   "So we cool?" I ask.   "We cool," they nod. We walk back to the rest of the group.   Everything seems to be worked out okay. I guess. No actually everything wasn't cool. Everyone was turning into a year younger. Oh crap. Our time was shorten by a lot. WAITTTTTTTTTTTT. We haven't been here for two weeks yet. Just one. What's happening?
   Out of nowhere, Mason comes out and looks at us strangely.   "Did you eat the berries?" he inquires nervously.   "Yes, why?" I look at him weird.   "Oh crap," he mutters.   "What?" everyone yells frantically.    "Those berries are going to make the de-aging process quicker," Mason exclaims.   "Is de-aging even a word?" Liam asks.   "Shut up, shortie," Mason remarks.   "First of all, I'm not short. I'm taller than you. Second, don't tell me to shut up," Liam stands his ground.   "Do you want my help or not?" Mason threatens.   "No freaking way!" Liam screams. Mason was about to storm off. Crap. I need to talk to him.   "MASON!" I scream so loud everyone looks at me.   "You are already crawling back?" Mason asks snottily. I don't know what Lauren even saw in him. Wait. He looked younger too. He was 19 again. Rude 19 year old.    "No, you're stupid. I just wanted to know how you got bars and why did you crush on me since you are so much older?" I say quickly. So much for confronting him alone. Everyone just heard what I said.   "Well.. um.. I'm 19 now. So you know that's what guys do. They crush on girls. Simple," Mason answers harshly.   "Bars?" I look at him.   "He got bars?" Lauren screams. Malena was still over in the corner under the tree. I don't know if she was listening to us.   "Yes," I nod. "Answer?" I stammer.   "It was Sarah. You can call people on this island that's all," Mason states.   "So all this time I could have just called everyone?" I look at him.   He nods.   "But I still don't have enough bars to do that," I render.   He shrugs. He was clearly lying.    
"The truth," I demand. As I said that, I noticed that Malena had made herself a little house under the tree. I smile holding in my laughter. It's funny because she is so short she can live under there like it's a mansion. I try to hold a straight face. I don't think it was only me who saw her because I heard Niall start laughing uncontrollable.   "What is it?" Mason looks around. He is an idiot apparently.   "Tell me the truth first," I stammer.   "Fine. I have bars. I can call anyone but why would I do that when I can be young again!" he exclaims.   Everyone was laughing their heads off now about Malena. I try to hold a stern face but fail terribly and end up laughing with the rest of them.   I see Mason slip out so I pull his shirt and stop laughing instantly.   "Give me the phone," I demand.   "Here," he hands it to me with an evil grin on his face.   I look at the phone and try to turn it on. It won't though.   "YOU'RE BATTERY IS FREAKING DEAD!" I scream.   "I know," he smirks.   "How did it last so long?" I render curiously.   "Solar powered," he rips the phone from my hands.   "GIVE IT BACK!" I scream knowing that I can charge it and use it.   He throws it to the ground and it breaks into a million pieces.   "YOU ARE SO STUPID!" I scream.   "You know that you will die in 9 flipping months too? Right?" I continue ranting.   "Oh poo," he mutters wide eyes.   "Get me off this island!" he squeals.   I ignore him and turn toward the others.   They were still laughing their heads off. But this was something different.      "Get in the boat, shortie!" Lauren held out the little toy boat I had collected earlier and was yelling for Malena to get in it.   "No! I'm not that short!" Malena hisses.    I start cracking up too and this whole ordeal continues. In the corner of my eye, I noticed Mason had left. To be honest, I didn't care. I didn't like him anyways. 
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