One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


4. Shelter


It was just Niall and Lauren at the shoreline. Niall was haling around huge pieces of wood while Lauren was relaxing on the beach.   "Hey! Guys! Help me lift this up!" Niall shouts as he sees us approach him.    "Where is everyone else?" Louis asks when we reach them.   "Well, Liam decided that it would be a good idea to get some food and water. So we can you know survive," Niall jokes around.   "Anyways, Liam and Zayn are finding food and Harry and Malena are finding water," Lauren finishes.   "Would you care to help me?" Niall questions dropping the log and crossing his arms.   "Who?" Louis, Lauren, and I say at the same time.   "Maybe we should get to know your names?" Louis suggests.   "Well, I'm lazy Lauren," Lauren winks chilling back in the sand.   I do a double take. Was she on a sand chair?   "Are you on a sand chair?" I ask peering over at her.   "Made it myself," she winks back. Nice. A chair made from sand. Clever.   "Nice," I smile.   "And you are?" Louis asks.   "Makenzie Porter," I answer.   "Nice name," he smiles.   "Thanks," I say awkwardly.   "What's your names?" Lauren questions.   "You don't know what are names are? I mean you entered a contest and everything," Niall questions.   "I never expected to win," I answer.   "I never win anything either!" Lauren exclaims.    "So names?" I move on.   "Louis Tomlinson," Louis answers.   "Niall Horan," Niall answers.   "Good to know," Lauren states.   "Ditto," they chorus.   "So are we going to build this or not?" Niall asks.   "yes," Louis grins.   "Okay, I'll go get my blanket from the plane..." Lauren starts as she hops up from the sand and dusts herself off.   "Oh no you don't," I grab her shoulder.   "I don't work!" Lauren exclaims.   "Well now you do," Louis winks.   "Hate you," Lauren says playfully.   We smile and get to work on our interesting shelter. 

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