One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


23. Love problems


MAKENZIE'S POV   "So what now?" Lauren asks.   "Maybe would could get the stuff we are supposed to," I suggests.   "I don't know if that is the best idea considering that there is a GIANT BLOODSUCKING BEAST ON THE LOOSE!" Lauren yells.   "Good point," I shrug.   "So how about we get some food and get out of here?" Niall mentions.   "I'm could go for some food," I nod.   "ME TOO!" Lauren yells.   "Okay, cool with me," Liam laughs.   We start walking deeper into the forest again. Lauren and Niall was behind Liam and I and they were talking up a storm about what to eat and whatnot. I walked there in silence. It was kind of awkward.   "So Liam," I start breaking the odd silence.   "Ya, whatsup?" Liam questions.   "The birds," I point upwards.    "Sarcastic much?" Liam chuckles.   "Very," I smile.   I heard footsteps to my left. I turn my head quickly. Thankfully it was just Malena and Zayn.    "Malena! Zayn!" Niall yells.   "So what you up to?" Malena inquires.   "FOOD!" Niall and Lauren yell.   "Nough said," Zayn chuckles.   We start walking and see a bush full of blueberries.   "FOOD!" Niall and Lauren cheer running to the bush.   "I hate blueberries," Lauren says picking handfuls up.   "That's all you got," I state.   "Fine," she scarf them down.   Then it hit me Niall never told me who he liked.
  I walk over to Niall but Louis grasps my arm before I could talk to him.   Louis pulls me deeper into the forest away from the group. First of all how did he get here?   "How did you get here, Lou?" I question looking at him strangely.   "I walked," he jokes.   "Shut up," I laugh.   "What's up?" I ask changing the topic.   "The sky," he jokes again.   "I do that all the time!" I add on laughing.   "But seriously what is up?" I say sternly after I laughed a bit.   "Seriously the sky," he continues.   "Lou," I look at him like he knows better.   "I just wanted to get to hangout with you... alone," Louis says slowly.   "Why is that?" I ask awkwardly. For all I know he could kill me. Or even worse.. Like me.   "You know, things have been on my mind," he leans into me. Was he about to kiss me? Well I will never know because Liam walks up behind me and yells, "What the heck is going on?"   "It's not what you think," Louis defends.   "You can't date her!" Liam yells. To make matters even better, Lauren, Niall, Sarah, Harry, Zayn, and Malena walk next to us. I think they heard Liam yelling.   "What is going on?" Malena questions.   "Why can't I date her?" Louis threatens.   "Because.. Because... you know why," Liam stutters.   "But she isn't here now is she," Louis counters. What is going on? Who is she?   "Well, I am!" Liam screams.   "What does that have to do with anything?" Louis shouts.   "I LOVE HER!" Liam screams and covers his mouth quickly after.  
"Wait what?" Louis yells.
  "WHAT?" Harry screams.   "I have a boyfriend!" I scream.   "Wait what?" Louis and Liam say at the same time.   "You two have girlfriends," Niall says bluntly.   "So wait. You are telling me, you have a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend?" Louis restates unsure.    "Yes," I nod.   "I thought you loved Danielle," Harry mentions to Liam. Danielle? I wasn't a big fan of theirs so I don't know that stuff.   "Danielle?" I wonder.   "Yes, she is my girlfriend and Eleanor is Louis's girlfriend," Liam explains looking down.   "Well, my boyfriend is Tom Ashton," I add.   "So Louis and I love you but we have girlfriends and you have a boyfriend," Liam summed.   I nod.   "I love Louis! So back off Makenzie and Eleanor!"


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