One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


6. Getting Dirty


It was dark and damp as I went deeper and deeper into the forest. I heard weird noises that freaked me out. I heard one very very loud noise that made me jump. Louis grabbed onto me tight and whispers into my ear, "It's all right."   I nod and pull away from him walking forward. A giant snake slithered past my legs. I cringed at the slimy creature.    "LOUIS!" I screamed turning around. I didn't see him anywhere. I froze. I was in the middle of the forest with poisonous stuff all by myself??   I heard a loud cracking noise behind me. I turned around again and Malena standing there with Harry standing at her side.   "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU TWO?" I screamed not being able to control myself.   "Well it starts off as looking for water then it kind of turned into a date," Harry smiles. Malena blushes.   "Great, great. Now where is Louis?" I ask as if I don't care about their lives which I don't.   "Louis? I don't know," Harry shrugs. Malena gives me a cold look. Thanks Malena, because I am already hot.    "Great. I lost Louis," I murmur.   "By the way, they are looking for you at the camp grounds," I mention.   "Okay," they say together.   "I'm going to look for Louis," I state as they walk away.   I walk deeper and deeper into the forest. I see a huge sludge pit. Nasty. I look for away around it. Nothing. I have to cross it. I hate that I have to do this but.... I need to find Louis. I step into the sludge cringing at every step.   I felt something touching my foot. I scream. A head pops up. It was Louis.   "Shhhhh!  Shhhh! It's just me!" He hushes me.   "I wanted to prank Harry," he adds smiles.   "Awesome," I smirk.   "You wanna be in on it?" he asks.   "I would love to but... I don't do sludge," I state.   "You would for me," Louis smiles.   "Shut up," I push his shoulder.   "You would do anything for me," Louis adds on in a high pitched voice.   "LOUIS. I just get along with you the best so far," I correct.   "Whatever," he smirks.   Next thing I know, Louis pulled my foot into the sludge and now I am head to toe in slug.    "Thanks Lou," I say sarcastically.   "You're welcome," he smiles.   He cups his hands and pours into over my head. I scream. I cup my hands and do the same. We end up in a sludge war. It stopped when we heard an aheming.   Our heads turn to face Liam and Zayn.   "It's way too late. I know you are having fun and all but I need you to come back," Liam demands.   "Yes, mum," Louis sighs playfully.   "Mum?" Liam asks.   "Yes," Louis laughs. I do the same.    "Here let me get you out of there," Liam pulls my arm and I come out.    "I'll take you back," Zayn whispers in my ear.   Liam pulls Louis out and pulls him aside to talk about something. I tried to listen in but Zayn pushes my back forward so I ended up walking back to the shelter and the fire area without hearing a word they said. Liam and Louis arrive shortly after.   Everyone was asleep when I got there so naturally I did the same. We all were sleeping in on the sand. 
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