One Deserted

Even though I am not a huge fan of One Direction, I still entered the Flight Start contest and won. Hahaha. Flight Start. More like Flight Fail. We ended up nose diving into a sand deserted island. So now I am stuck on this island with a curly haired girl named Lauren, a 'different' Asian girl named Malena and One Direction of course. I have to cope with this complete strangers to survive. Great way to start off my week...


1. Flight Start

I'm Makenzie, a 18 year old blonde haired blue eyed average British girl. I am friends with Sarah, a 17 year old dark red haired and brown eyed baseball player.

  So my friend and I entered into the Flight Start contest and surprisingly I won. Sarah didn't win though. I was just as shocked as you all. I never won anything and she told me to go without her. I wasn't going to turn down an offer like this. Maybe I can get One Direction to give me a tee shirt I can sell on E-bay. See, I'm not a huge fan of One Directions but you know a freeride with celebs never hurt. Plus I could make some cash on E-bay.    I got dressed and headed downstairs. I hop into my car and drive to the airport.    I got to the plane and was stopped by a guard there.   "Name?" he asks looking down at a list in his hands.   "Makenzie Porter," I answer.    "Okay, here is your ticket," he hands me a slip of paper.   "Thanks," I grab it and walk up the steps on the plane. I look at my seat. 21A. Okay. I walk down the rows to my seat.   I sat next to a preppy girl. Well at least that what it looks like. She was Asian, looks to be short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing bright neon yellow shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Plastered all over her shirt was I love you Harry. Obsessed much?    I sat next to her.   "Hi," she waves excitedly.   "Hi," I say strangely. This girl looks like a creeper. I look the other direction. An other girl, curly brown haired, brown eyed and wearing jean shorts and a striped orangish shirt. She looks cool. Well better than this creep on my right.     She inches her way past me and past that creep. She sat on the window seat. Lucky duck.   "You know you are so lucky! You get to sit on the end! Closer to Harry!" that creep says.   I nod slowly.    I hope this plane ride is a short one. "So what's your name?" that creep asks me.   I'm sure if I want to tell her my name......   "MAKENZIE PORTER TO THE FRONT PLEASE," an announce yells.   I blush and stand up shyly.   "So it's Makenzie?" that creep asks. I nod as I headed towards the front.   I got to the front and saw my red headed friend, Sarah.    "Sarah!" I pull her into a hug.   "Guess what?" she asks.   "What?" I question letting go.   "So turns out that I got to sit in the very front of the plane and watch the pilot drive this bird since you know I have always wanted to be a pilot!" Sarah exclaims.   "That's awesome!" I cheer.   "I know," she smiles. There was a moment of silence.   "Well you better get back to your seat," she insists.   "Can I upgrade? Cause I am sitting next to a creeper and some random chick," I plead playfully.   "Well, at least it's not two guys hitting on you," she laughs.   "True," I smile.   "Now go back. Pilot's orders," she pushes my back to the seats.   "Fine," I start walking back to my seat. I sat down. That creep was talking up a storm with the curly brown haired girl.   "What's your favorite color?" she asks.   "Green," the curly haired one says timidly. I think that creep was intimidating her too.    "Oh you're back!" that creep shouts. Crap. She noticed me.   "So I found out that this is Lauren Cook and I'm Malena Murry," that creep says in one breath.    "Okay," I nod slowly. I look at the curly one. Lauren right? We had the same look on our face. Get us away from her.   "ONE DIRECTION WILL BE BOARDING THE PLANE IN A FEW MINUTES," an announcement was made.   Maybe Malena, was it?, will shut up. She screams. I guess not.   I cover my ears. Apparently she is a crazed fan. Lauren didn't seem impressed. Same with me. I bet she had the same feelings for One Direction as I did.    Shortly after One Direction comes on the plane and screaming is everywhere. My ears bust. Too loud.... Thankfully, one of the guys, brown haired, I think his name was Liam, makes a speech.    "Calm down girls!" he shouts.   The yelling soften. That Malena chick finally stops. Thank the good Lord.   They walk up and down the aisles talking to each of the girls and such. They finally came to our row.   That Malena chick looks like she is about to pass out. Just don't pass out on me.   "Hi," she pants.   "Hi," the curly one winks at her. Harry, was it? I'm not good with names.   She screams into my ear. I roll my eyes and cover my ears. I didn't want to be rude even though a lot of mean things were flowing into my mind.   "And you are?" a straight haired one asks. Louis right?   "Someone who needs ear plugs," I joke with a serious expression on my face.   "You are funny," he laughs.   I give him a quick nod.   "Who is that?" the Irish one asks. Niall, I believe?   "I'm Lauren," she answers in a sweet tone.   "Nice to met you," he grins at her. She smiles back. Great. I was in the middle of a sap feast. I tend to be a downer if you haven't noticed. I didn't exactly want to be sitting next to this creep.   "EVERYONE GET TO YOUR SEATS," another announcement was made.   "See you later," Zayn, was it? waves.   I nod back. That Malena girl screams.   "Can you believe that?" Malena screams.   "No," I answer rolling my eyes. Hopefully she will shut up. The plan takes off withing seconds later. I shut my eyes hoping to get some sleep. 


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