Ronnie's Baby (Eastenders)

This is a poem that I wrote ages ago when the baby swapping thing was happening in Eastenders. I decided to write a ballad about it. I am entering this for the BIG poetry contest hope you will like fav and so on.
Copyright (C)


1. Ronnie's Baby

Ronnie has a baby,

Which really isn’t hers.

When she hears a little noise,

It’s her who’s really scared.


Kats feeling sorrow,

Sorry for her loss.

As she too had a baby,

The one which Ronnie’s got.


Ronnie has a husband,

Who has a friend called Michael.

Who is the dad of Kat’s baby,

The one which Ronnie’s got.


Ronnie wants Michael dead,

So she calls up Phill.

Ronnie tells him that she’s scared,

But Phill doesn’t want to kill.


On the grand opening of the gym,

Phill locks him up in a van.

Then goes and lets Ronnie know,

She aint happy cause he aint killed the man.


She says she doesn’t want him near her,

But she really meant baby James.

Phill want to know the real blur,

Silent does Ronnie remain.

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