The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


27. The tour. Part 1

No one's P.O.V.

Everyone boarded the bus and set our bags on our beds. Niall and Kaelin sharing. Abby and Haz were also sharing. So was Liam and Alexa and Zayn and Jayna. Louis had a single and so did Kels. The other girls came for the tour and Kels was being Kels. They were all chilling on the couch, laughing and singing and plain out fooling around. Kaelin and Louis having a sass off. Currently they were tied. Everyone but Niall, Kels and Kaelin left the bus. Since it was only like an hour to Bradford from Doncaster Zayn and Jayna went to his house. Liam and Alexa went to Louis' house with him.

By the time it was ten, everyone was heading to bed. Let's skip the moaning, creaking, screaming of someone's name and thumping. You know what that means.

Kels, Louis, the other hotel residents and Zayn's parents were not impressed. The noise was unbelievable.  All the girls were sore but could still walk.

"Kaelin. I'm hungry. Get me Nandos." Niall yells at her.

"I can't drive to pick it up. Get it yourself and get me Peri Peri chicken please." She says back.

He threw on his pants and grabbed his keys.

Kaelin's P.O.V.

Kelsey comes out of her room with a scowl on her face. She walks up to me and slaps me.

"Bitch." I mutter then walk to the bathroom and throw up.

"I think you preggers." She says devishly.

I snap my fingers in a Z formation and tell her to zip it before I rage on her.

"Well I'll be back with some pregnacy tests for you, Abbs, Jayns and Alexa. They rang me up and told me they were vomiting as well. Don't tell anyone until you know for sure." She tells me and leaves.

I lay down and take aspirin. Niall walks in and we start eating, he was totally oblivious to the symptons I was having.

Kels came back and told Niall to deliver some to the other girls. He looked digusted but went anyways after I gave him the puppy dog look.

I take the stupid tests from Kels and follow the instructions. 15 minutes later there were two little positive signs there.

Time skip... 1 hour and 45 minutes later.

Niall walked in and looked at me hopefully.

"So am I a soon to be father?" he asks he voice piping with with hope and excitment.

"Yes. I have two miracles of joy in me right now. Whether two boys two girls or one of each." I reply.

My phone started going off and I grabbed it.

From Wabby: I have twins.

To Wabby: Same ;)

From Jayns: I'm pregnant. The first time and I used protection.

From Alexa: 'Fuck I'm pregnant.

What are the chances of all of us getting pregnant on the same day. I blame Zeus.

Haha losers. Oh wait I'm pregnant to. Shit. I'm not allowed to drink. FML.

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