The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


12. Eatin out (like a boss)

Abby's P.O.V.

We arrive out the resturant. It was a freaking Swiss Chalet! I know what Kaelin was getting. I wonder if Harry would share a meal with me. He nudge me snapping me out of my thoughts. I blushed. I walked in with Harry behind me. As soon as the fans see him and Niall they rush over asking for pictures and autographs. They happily obliged and I stood with Kaelin talking. When they were done we ordered.

"I'll have the chicken and a rootbear float please and thank-you." Kaelin says

"I'll take the same." Niall orders.

"Abby and I'll share the ribs and rootbear float." Harry orders.

Our food arrives and we dig in. Harry grabs my hand and I see Niall did the same to Kaelin. We finish and the boys pay. Kaelin starts to pay the tip but the boys refuse.

"Grrrr!!!! Why won't you let me pay?!?" Kaelin looks angry

"Because we are gentlemen and you've done enough by being my girlfriend." Niall says

"Fine but I feel bad."Kaelin says sadly.

"How bout we walk to a private beach and go for a swim." Harry suggests.

"OK but we don't have our swim suits." Abby says

"We bought some." Niall and Harry say happily and flash us devilish grins.

Kaelin and I exchange worried faces

"Well this can't be good." I said

Kaelin's P.O.V.

Oh no this is not going to turn out well I think to myself and I can tell Abby is thinking the same thing.


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