The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


15. Christmas shoppin

Kaelin's P.O.V.

I wake up and find a note.

Morning Babe,                                                                                                  

I went out with the boys to the studio. I left my credit card and pin. Harry did the same for Abby. Why don't you and your friends go out shopping and ave lunch. Our treat. I'll see you this evening. I'm taking you out for supper so get something nice to wear:P I love you


I grab my phone and text my friends: Get your lazy donkeys outta bed and meet me outside in 30 mins ok?

From Katie: Ok Why

To Katie: You'll see

From Wabby: Alrighty. I think I know why... SHOPPING

From Alexa: Alright

From Libby: Ok Taco penguin

From Jayna: Ok but I'm still jealous

From Luke: Ok btw I love Liberty

To Luke: How the hell did you get my number?!? And you're not coming!!!!!

From Luke: I hacked Liberty's phone and why not?

To Luke: Because I said so... and I'm blocking your number

I blocked Luke's number and took a shower. I got dressed in jean short shorts and a teal shirt. I grabbed the card and went outside. Everyone was waiting. We link arms and go to a resturant. After we finished eating we noticed a creepy person following us.

"Excuse me but do we know you?" Katie asks

"Yes" The person replied and he sounded like a chipmunk

"OMG! LUKE STOP STALKING ME!!" Liberty yelled and pulled out a staple gun and started shooting him

We went to the mall and the girls helped me pick out something for tonight. Then I remebered Christmas was in a week. I went to a store and found the cutest chick ever and bought it. I decided I was going to keep it next door so Niall couldn't find it. I told the girls that I was going to walk around by myself. They agreed and I left.

I walked into a different store and saw the perfect present for Katie. It was a blue and white striped shirt. I also found red suspenders and red skinney jeans with a beanie. I bought them then moved on. I saw the perfect present for Jayna. It was a soap stone carving of a whale and you can get it personalized. I got her name on it and left. As I was walking a little girl probably around 10 asked for a picture and autograph. I happily obliged. After I was done I went to find a present for everyone else.

I walked to the grocery store and bought all the carrots for Louis. For Abby it was a giant hamster ball. For Liam I got an I hate spoons shirt. For Zayn I got a mirror. For Harry I got a koala. For Alexa I got a Bob Marley shirt and bracelet. For Libby I got a rocket launcher and fireworks (something I'll regret later). I found the girls and saw everyone had tons of bags to. Turns out after I left everyone went shopping for Christmas.

We all left with both of our arms filled with bags.

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