The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


29. Birth

Kaelin's P.O.V.

The next few hours were excrutiating. It hurt terribly. Let's just skip the screams and what not.

I named my little boys Leo and Benjamin. They were so tiny! The fit into each crook of my arm. Niall came in and had a tired yet happy look on his face. He told me that Abby's little girls were born a few minutes ago and she named them Mia and Madison. Jayna had a boy and as mentioned before she named him Noah. Alexa had a baby girl and let Liam decide the name. Liam named her Lucy.

They were all so cute and small. Apparently my boys were born before everyone else's so they're the oldest.

The two little guys were adorable. Niall picked Leo up. The smile on his face was so small it was barely there. I could tell he would make a good dad.

(A/N|  A.J. here. I realize this is such a short chapter but kaelin27 was bitching at me to finish it for her. I caved and this is the result. Sorry awkward topic here and yeah.)


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