The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


14. Arrivals and moving in

Kaelin's P.O.V.

"Abby get up!" I scream at her

"Why" she replies groggily.

"Because today is the day we move in with the boys and Jayna, Katie, Alexa and Liberty come." I tell her. It's been two months since we started dating Harry and Niall and they invited us to move in with us.

She gets ready and walk over to the guys place. We knock on the door and Louis opens it.

"HELLO CARROTS PRINCESSES!!!" Louis screams in our faces and throws us over his shoulders.

Louis runs up the stairs and into Niall's room. He sets me down. Then runs away with Abby. I'm assuming to Harry's room.

 I look at Niall and he's still sound asleep. I walk over to him and lie on the bed beside him. I lean over and whisper in his ear "Nandos Nandos." He wakes up and looks at me.

"Where the food?" He asks me.

"At the resturant. We can pick some Nandos on the way to the airport. Now get ready." I tell him.

Abby's P.O.V.

Louis sets me down in Harry's room and Harry stills asleep.

"You better not hurt my Hazza." He tells me and leaves.

I walk over to Harry and start stroking under his chin and whispering "Kitty kitty. Kitty kitty. Wake up time."

He wakes up and says "Morning babe." and kisses me.

I giggle and tell him to get ready while I go check on Kaelin's progress of waking up Niall.

Kaelin's P.O.V.

I hear a knock on the door and answer it. It was Abby.

I invite her in because Niall was already dressed.

"So how'd you wake him up?" She asks me

"I just whispered Nandos in his ear. Anything to do with food and he wakes. How did you wake Harry?"

"I just whispered 'Kitty kitty. Kitty kitty. Wake up time.' in his ear."

We both start laughing and Niall comes over to us.

"C'mon. I want Nandos. Let's get Hazza." He tells us and grabs my hand.

"Ok," I tell him, "Hazza lets go, Nialler's hungry."

Harry comes out his room and says "When is he not hungry?"

Harry grabs the keys and we leave. Fifteen minutes later we arrive at nandos and go through the drive thru. Harry orders for all of us getting Niall and I the same thing knowing that I can eat as much as Niall and gets Abby the same as himself. I check my phone. It was almost 1. Their flight landed at 1:30.

"Harry we gotta hurry. Their flight lands in half an hour." I tell Harry

"OK." he replies.

Abby puts in a cd and hits play. What makes you beautiful blares from the speakers and we all sing along.

"You guys are really good singers. How bout perfoming with us on tour in five months?" Niall asks us

"We would love to," I lean over and kiss him on the cheek, "But is it ok with Paul?"

"Oh sure he'll love the idea of us perfoming with 'fans'" Harry says, "Just let me ring him up and ask."

"How bout Niall asks him because you know you're kinda driving." Abby reminds Hazza

"Alright I'll do it." Niall says and pulls out his phone.

He calls Paul and outs it on speaker.

"Hello" I hear Paul say.

"Hello Paul, it's me Niall. Harry and I had they greatest idea. How bout we perform with a couple of fans that we met. They can sing. I'll pass them the phone and you can hear them." He says

"I love the idea and I don't need to hear them if you and Harry say they're good who am I to argue." Paul replies.

"Ok bye now Paul. I've got to go."Niall tells him

"Ok bye Niall."

I hear a click and we all start cheering then Harry pulls into the airport parking lot. We pile out.

"How is everyone going to fit in there? It can only seat five and there will be eight of us." I ask

"You can sit on my lap with Abby on Harry's lap. Alexa can drive right? Liberty can sit shot gun and Jayna can sit on Katie's lap." Niall replies

"Shocking." Abby says

"What that I can do math?" Niall asks her

"No that you remebered our friends names. Now lets go get them." Abby replies with attitude.

We walk into the airport and see them waiting for us. I look at Niall. He has hood up and shades on. Harry looked the same. They both put shades and hats on Abby and I.

"Whoa what up with the trippy outfits and who are you're friends?" Katie asks Abby and I.

"We are hiding from the public..." I tell her but she cuts me off.

"Why." She questions

"If you let me finish you would know. It's because I am dating Niall and Abby's dating Harry."

"You mean from one direction?"

"No from two directions. You're so níave."

"Well I'm sorry. Can we just leave now?"

"Yes lets go. We're sitting like this. In the back there's me on Niall's lap then beside us it's Jayna on Katie's lap then beside them it's Abby on Harry's lap. Riding shotgun is Liberty and Alexa is driving." I tell them.

"Then where do I sit?" I hear a male's voice question me.

"Who is that?" I ask my friends excluding Abby

"Umm you 'member Luke the creeper kid in our grade eight class. Well he kinda stalked me here." Liberty says

"He's not riding in the same fucking vehicle as me. He can get a cab and meet us there. Then we can decide what to do with him." I say

"Omg he still has the retarted chipmunk voice!"  Abby says happily

We pile in the car and leave. I fall asleep while Niall is stroking my hair. It felt so nice.

"Babe wake up. We're home." Niall gently shakes me.

"Is my hair a mess?" I ask him

"No you are still as beautiful as ever. But you sure are focus on your hair like Zayn. Are you sure you're not related to him?"  

"Ok and I am absolutly positive I'm not related to Zayn."

He picks me up bridal style and I fall back asleep.

"I will be back with Abby and Harry. We are going to get yours and Abby's belongings so you guys can move in and make sure your friends are ok. They probably just want to sleep." I hear him say just before I am fully asleep and he kisses me on the forehead and leaves.


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