The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


18. Are you kidding me

Kaelin's P.O.V.

"Kaelin! Wake up. I know you're tired but you don't need to sleep all day." Niall says

"Shut up and lemme sleep. I don't care who you are, just leave me alone." I hit him

"There's food." He tells me

"WHERE?!?!?!?" I'm suddenly wide awake

Niall chuckles. "Downstairs. Let's go"

"Carry me."


He picks me up and takes me downstairs. I get set on a chair and Niall starts getting me food.

"No bacon."

"Why?" He asks me

"I can't eat it. It makes me sick and I don't wanna get sick cuz I get really bitchy." I tell, "Also no eggs."

He starts making me chocolate chip pancakes and I text Liberty telling her that we have pancakes. She was over in three seconds flat. I laugh.

"Niall make extra pancakes please. But you gotta hurry. Katie, Jayna and Alexa wanna talk to me and Abby." I tell him

Niall increases his pancake making speed.

"That's alright cuz I gotta talk to Louis, Zayn and Liam with Harry anyways." He tells me this

He finished making pancakes and we all dig in. I was done within a minute. So was Liberty.

"Well I'm off to talk to my girls. You have fun."

"Alright love and I will. But why are you going in your pjs?" He questions me.

"Why not?" I reply and leave

Niall's P.O.V.

After Kaelin left I got all the boys in one room and we started talking.

"I'm going to ask out Katie!" Louis exclaims.

Kaelin's P.O.V.

I got all the girls in the living room of my other house.

"I really like Louis. More then anything." Katie basically whispers.

Niall's P.O.V.

"I want to ask Alexa out." Liam tells us all.

Kaelin's P.O.V.

"I really like Liam." Alexa was telling us

Niall's P.O.V.

"I am in love with Jayna and she shall be mine." Zayn proclaims. He usually gets the girl he wants.

Kaelin's P.O.V.

"I love Zayn." Jayna says quietly

Alright now that I know that all my girls like one of them it's time to work my magic. No you don't have any magic. Fine I'll use my ninja skillz! You don't have any. Get out of my head. No you get out of my head. Grrr shut up. Ok.

"I'll text Niall and ask for a group dinner. He just texted me saying... Well never mind." I tell the girls.

"Alright we will go get ready. Two hours right." Jayna says

"Yep." I say, "Abby I need to talk to you ok."


The rest of the girls leave and I start talking about what Niall told me. She smiles. We leave the house to get ready as well.

Two Hours Later

The girls arrive and damn they look fine. The plan was this. We would eat as a group then break into smaller groups. I would go with Niall, Zayn, Liam, Jayna and Alexa to the beach. Abby and Harry were watching The House At The End Of The Street with Katie and Louis. Hopefully the guys would be smart enough to ask them out at the time given but who knows. They are guys after all.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Kaelin returns to the living room with the rest of the girls.

"VAS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?" I scream but before anyone replied Louis starts shouting.

"CARROT PRINCESS I WAS WORRIED." He yelled obviously at Kaelin. She smiled and everybody laughed.

We all sat and started eating. Kaelin and Niall ate the most by far. Then divided into the groups. Luckily enough Kaelin told Jayna and Alexa to put their bathing suits on underneath. We walked to the beach and started swimming. Jayna didn't want to so I stayed with her.

"So umm Jayna you wanna go out with international superstar or what?" I asked. I asked her out.

"I would love to go out with a superstar but I don't see one. I guess I'll settle for you..." she replied.

I laughed and she smiled. I took her hand in my own and felt at peace with the world.

"I love you so much and I did ever since I first saw a picture of you." I said

"Zayn, I love you too." she replied and I kissed her more passionatly then I've kissed anyone else before.

Liam's P.O.V.

"Alexa can I talk to you?" I asked

"Yeah sure." She replied and walked over to me.

I grabbed her hand and started walking along the shore line.

"Liam..." She started

"Alexa I love you and umm will you be mine?" I scratched the back of my neck awkwardly and blushed.

"Oh Liam I would love to:)" she says and I kiss her.

How I love to kiss her more then kissing Danielle. I'm so glad I have Alexa now.

"GET A ROOM!!!" my thoughts are interupted by Niall and Kaelin

"Real mature." I say to them

"Yep I know we are." Kaelin replies cheekily.

We all start swimming with the exception of Zayn and Jayna.

Louis' P.O.V.

We were watcing the movie and Katie curled up to me burying her face when it gets scary. I was pulling her tighting when she looked at me.

"Lou.. I'm scared. Protect me please." she whimpers

"Of course my carrot queen. I wouldn't let anything hurt you." I whisper in her ear and kiss the top of her head.

"Even my agressive ex-boyfriend, Isaac, who wants me back?" She says back

(A/N I am so dead when Katie reads this. Wish me luck. And I'm having a contest to see who will end up with Liberty and Kelsey and a mystery person. Tell me who you want with who, must be a famous person for Libby and Kelsey, and who you want to be. Comment or e-mail or twitter me. or @kaelin_27).

"Yes even him. But I've got to ask will you go out with me?" My voice hopeful.

"Yes a thousand times yes." She replies and Harry and Abby laugh.

I kiss her and Abby mutters, "Finally." and rolls her eyes.


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