The perfect life!

Kaelin(that's me) and her best friend Abby went to a concert and fell in love. Move to England and ended up living next door from the boys. Now balancing a love life and school can Abby and I keep up?


32. 2 years later

Kaelin's P.O.V.

Abby and I were now in a successful band together. We were 21 now. All of our children were two and at daycare. I was happy to be home with my family and friends. Especially my loving husband, Niall. Yes we were all married now. We were chatting up a storm talking about plans for tomorrow when Jayna checked the clock.

"You guys. It's time to pick the kids up from daycare." She said.

Everyone stood and went to our individual vehicles. We sped off down the street having a real hoot. We arrived and got our kids. Leo was a real suck up to me and Benji sucked up to his daddy.

Leo was a beautiful child looking nothing like his brother. Leo had red hair like mine, while Benji had brown hair like his dad. Benji's eyes were a beautiful shade of green while Leo had deep sea blue eyes. They both had freckles and were just energetic like Niall and I but they didn't inhabit our diets. Leo was the book smart one while Benji was the artsy one. They both loved sports though.

Abby's and Harry's girls, Mia and Madison had Abby's hair with Harry's eyes. They also had Abby's freckles. Jayna and Zayn's little boy was exactly like both of them. Same deep brown eyes and hair. Same nose shape. Same attitude. Calming and mysterious. Liam and Alexa's little girl, Lucy, was the exact opposite of Noah. She was hyper and strangely normal. She had Liam's eyes and Alexa's curly hair. She was adorable.

Everyone was just chilling having a grand ole time like they weren't famous or that the paparazzi weren't bothering them by making up stories. It was a story book ending.








A/N I'm thinking about making a sequel and putting it about the kids but older. Comment what you think. Oh and this is the last chapter of The Perfect Life until I post more about the sequel.

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