Best One Direction Movellas

These are not my stories, I'm just listing the best stories I have found and read. I'm sorry to those who's stories are not in this, it's only because I haven't read them. Also the stories that are in these are ones that are finished, are a sequel, or if I find them really good even if they aren't done I'll put them in here..... Follow me on Twitter: @Julie_Loves1D_


8. Unimaginable Direction

Book: Unimaginable Dream

Author: Tahreem styles


Author's Description: 

When Erica Lloyd bumps into Harry Styles one of her favourite band members sparks fly. The two become head over heels for each other in no time. But when Zayn see's Harry's new girl, jealousy boils inside of him and he can't help but fall for her too. Suddenly everything is turned upside down when Erica and Zayn's past is uncovered. Harry being the overprotective boyfriend he is spirals out of control leaving him in a very unstable condition. Can everything finally be put in the right direction? Or will the situation be something gone into a totally unimaginable direction?

Unimaginable Direct

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