Best One Direction Movellas

These are not my stories, I'm just listing the best stories I have found and read. I'm sorry to those who's stories are not in this, it's only because I haven't read them. Also the stories that are in these are ones that are finished, are a sequel, or if I find them really good even if they aren't done I'll put them in here..... Follow me on Twitter: @Julie_Loves1D_


20. Love Conquers All (1 & 2)

Book(s): Love Conquers All & Love Conquers All 2

Author: Harrytomlinson21


Author's Description: 

1st Book:

This story is about a girl named Maggie and one day when her best friend Jake takes her to meet the one and only One Direction she may develop some feelings for one of the boys. (This book is much better than the description, I didn't know what to write to describe the movella, so yeah please read it)


2nd Book

Sequel to Love Conquers All.....Please read it. (In order to get this movella you will have have to read the first part!) xx :)



In my personal opinion I think that this the first and second book are really good, and I would suggest that people who see this should read them! :)

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