Live While You're Young

Elena had always dreamed of being a big star, little did she know all her dreams would come true. And just to her luck, she gets to stand on stage next to her best friend Sadie. Being the opening act for one of the biggest boy bands in the world, One Direction, may turn out to be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to the two girls.


6. The Girls

Ed looked at me with a sense of confusion on his face. It was probably due to the fact that I had an awkwardly happy yet scared smirk across my face. I wasn't sure if my ears had just decieved me, but Harry Styles had just reffered to me as his GIRLFRIEND. We hadn't discussed "titles" for our relationship yet, and for him to just jump to the conclusion that we were officially a couple honestly didn't bother me in the least bit.

"We'll it's nice to meet you, Elena. I've heard such great things about you." His voice was absolutely flawless. Despite his frumpy hair that looked as if he had just rolled out of bed, you could sense that he was more beautiful on the inside than any other human could ever be on the outside.

"It's nice to meet you too. Thanks for the guitar, I love it." I was acting suprisingly calm, which was a relief. We sat around outside, drinking tea and talking about music and life, and I got a nice tip on how to use his guitar, which was named Jazzy.

"If you don't try too hard, Jazzy will make the music just flow right through your fingers."

After what felt like hours, we sat down in his kitchen area for a small dinner. We ate fish and chips from Ed's favorite restaraunt, which he had ordered special just for us. I was a little suprised to see who dropped them off though.

"Hey guys sorry I'm late! But I've got the good stuff!" The girl that walked through the front door was about 18, she had shoulder length brown hair and glasses that complimented her face very well. She was taller than me, but just the right height when she stood next to Ed. They shared a quick kiss before she placed the food onto the counter, then turned to speak directly to myself and Sadie.

"I'm Ally, Ed's girlfriend. I am such a huge fan!" She spoke without a brithish accent and was clearly American. She was quiet adorable in the way she carried herself. She almost bounced instead of walked, and she reminded me of what a little sister would act like.

"You've heard of us?" Sadie was just as suprised as I was that she was familiar with our work.

"Deffinatly! I watch your videos all the time. My favorite has got to be when you sang 'For the Love of a Daughter" by Demi Lovato. Absolutely beautiful, I almost cried." Wow, I had never heard someone speak about our music with such appreciation like she did. It felt nice.

"Wow, thanks." Sadie and I smiled at her and she gave us what had to be the sweetest smile back. We ate with lots of conversation and discussed how Ally and Ed had met.

"It was like a movie. I went to one of his concerts about 7 months ago, and when our eyes met in the crowd, he gave me that subtle smile that I just love." Ally gave Ed a little smirk and I could see he was getting pink in the cheeks. "Then durring an intermission in the show, he sent one of his body guards out to me in the crowd and asked if I wanted to come back stage. So I went, we instantly clicked and we've been together ever since."

They we're absolutely adorable together and you could see how much they loved eachother. We stayed till about 10:30 that night, until we finally decided to head home. Overall it was an incredible day and it couldn't have been any better. I exchanged numbers with Ally and told her I'd make plans as soon as I was free again. We really clicked and I could tell we would be really good friends.

The next morning, something had changed. I had a new found confidence in mine and Sadie's music. After speaking Ed Sheeran for almost an entire day, I realized you can't be any better than you think you are, so if I didn't believe in myself, noone else would.

The day went on as usual, but the night was strange. I came home alone around 11 after a dinner date with Harry to find Sadie sitting on our couch with someone I was very suprised by. It was Danielle, Liam's girlfriend. We weren't really friends, but we had spent a little time together on some group dates.

"I'll be right back." Sadie got up off the couch and led me into the kitchen so Danielle couldn't hear us. "It's Liam, he dumped her. She's a wreck. He said something changed and he didn't want to keep dragging her along and hurting her."

"Oh my...I don't know what to say to her. Liam and her seemed so perfect together..." My voiced trailed off as I was hooked by my own thoughts. If Liam dumped Danille out of the blue like this, coould Harry do the same to me? And Niall to Sadie? Things seemed to be going so perfectly that I didn't want to believe it was even a possibility. But then again, that's how it seemed with them.

We rejoined Danielle, called Eleanor and Perrie over, and spent the night having a big sleepover to try to get Danielle's mind to settle and her heart to start to mend. I looked around our small group of friends, and realized just who we were. We were "the girls" to what I had forevered refered to as "the boys." Not just any other girls, but Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn's girls. In a way, I believed it was helping Danielle, being around her friends, but just as things started to settle down for the evening, she began to sob softly. When we asked her what was wrong she just whispered,

"I'm the only one sitting here, not with one of the boys. I can't help but feel like my heart's torn."

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