Live While You're Young

Elena had always dreamed of being a big star, little did she know all her dreams would come true. And just to her luck, she gets to stand on stage next to her best friend Sadie. Being the opening act for one of the biggest boy bands in the world, One Direction, may turn out to be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to the two girls.


5. Little Orange Paw

I woke up the next morning with the sun glaring into my eyes. I looked over to see that Harry was gone and a note had replaced him on the pillow next to me.

Went to get some breakfast and meet up with the boys for a quick meeting. If I'm not back before you wake, follow the trail for a little something I picked up for you.


I crawled out of bed, with his blanket still wrapped around me. It reaked of him, so I wasn't putting it down anytime soon. On the floor were a trail of pink sticky-notes about every 2 feet. The each had something written on them like "almost there" and "getting warmer." Finally the trail ended infront of a chair in the living room. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe; for sitting in that chair was one of the most amazing things I had ever laid my eyes on.

My eyes traveled up and down its body, from its neck all the was down and back. It was absolutely beautiful. I ran my fingers ever so gently on it and stopped on the orange paw print that lay on its right side. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Just then I heard the door open. I turned to see Harry walk in the door with a few bags in his hands. As soon as he placed them on the counter I ran up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Is this real?" I was practically yelling at him, but I couldn't contain myself. If it was what I thought it was, I might just die.

"Of course. I called Ed up the other day and told him about you. He said he was going to hold a contest on twitter to give it to a fan, but I talked him into giving to someone more deserving, like you." It had to have been the most gracious and caring thing anyone had ever done for me. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then darted for my gift.

I picked it up and strummed it only to hear the most beautiful sound ever created. And to imagine, some of my favorite songs were writen on this guitar; Ed Sheeran's very own signiture guitar. I played around with the guitar for about an hour while Harry made breakfast and told me about another little suprise he had in store for me.

"Yeah, Ed was so interested in what you thought of his music, he said he really wanted to meet you." I practically jumped into the air with excitement.

"Me? Meet Ed Sheeran?! Oh my gosh that would be amazing! Incredible! Yes, yes please!!" I had made my way into the kitchen as I spoke and sat myself on the counter next to Harry. "When, where? You just tell me and I'll be there."

"Calm down tiger, he said to give him a call when you're free and to set up a little play date." He gave me a playful smile, which let me know that he knew my obsession with Ed was no more than that. I had no real feelings for anyone except him, and it was nice to know he was very secure with that.

"Whenever, I'll be ready." We ate breakfast and then we walked back to my flat so I could get ready for practice later that day. I wore his shirt and my jeans home, insuring that I got to keep it, which I could tell made him happy. We took at least 5 minutes to say goodbye, kissed for one last time, then he left.

I told Sadie everything that had happened and all she could do was yelp and jump up and down like I had just told her she had won a million dollars. "You're going to meet Ed Sheeran? You are soooo lucky!"

"I'll ask Harry if you can come too, I'm sure it wont be a problem." As much as I wanted to meet Ed alone, it was only fair to ask Sadie to come. She was a fan of his too and she would enjoy it just as much as I would.

After practice, we had a pretty relaxed night. I went back to Harry's and we spent the night with Louis. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life to date. When you spend a night with Larry Stylinson, you see things you never thought you would. Like for instence, Louis tends to smack Harry in the butt, ALOT. And Harry is somewhat more exciting when Louis around. He's louder and way more energetic. But, he didn't forget about me. Most of the night he was cuddled up with me on the couch yelling at Louis from afar.

We stayed up way too late, expecially since we had a 7 a.m. rehersal the next morning, so when we finally headed to bed, we practically fell right asleep.

The next few days went about the same, spending days at rehersals and nights either at Harry's flat or with Harry at mine. We had become practially inseparable, not that I minded. Sadie and Niall had become the same. They spent most nights together at our flat, since being with him, Zayn, Liam, and the occasional Danielle and Perrie was alot to handle all at once.

The day had finally come to meet Ed Sheeran. We had our first and one of our only free days from a rehersal, so we thought the opportunity was perfect. I was so nervous my hand was shaking as I brushed my teeth that morning. Harry was laughing at me for being so overwhellmed by him.

"He's really just like any other guy." He was already such close friends with Ed, he obviously wasn't feeling the butterflies the size of pidgeons in his stomach like I was. I was going to meet one of my favorite singer/song writers ever and there was no way that I would handle it calmly. I didn't know what I was going to say when we met, despite the fact I had been planning it in my head ever since I found out this would happen.

As we drove to Ed's home, I could feel my stomach slowly climbing into my throat. I barely spoke the entire ride. I knew it was silly, getting all worked up over something like this, but for some reason I couldn't help it. We pulled into his drive way and I could see him waiting on his little side porch. I was so scared. Harry obviously saw this, so he grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently. 

"It's gonna be fine, I promise." He kissed my hand, smiled, then let go as we got out of the car. He immediatly came back over to me as we made what felt like the longest walk over to the porch. We were hand in hand as I came face to face with the man known as "the ginger jesus" and I could feel myself squeezing Harry's hand even harder. He just smiled at me and as casually as talking to an old friend said, "Hey Ed, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Elena, and her friend Sadie."

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