Enjoy the rollercoaster that's life

Main characters: Ella, Caroline, Niall, Liam, Zayn

Insecure Ella decides to go on a rollercoaster, but ends up meeting Niall Horan and Liam Payne.
Niall fancies Ella, and Ella fancies Niall
Caroline fancies Zayn, and Zayn fancies Caroline
Liam fancies Caroline.
Oooooooo who's gonna end up with who?


1. The rollercoaster


I hated rollercoasters, but I'd do anything for my best friend, Caroline. So when she asked me to go on a rollercoaster I didn’t hesitate, but as we got in line I started to become apprehensive. We were standing in behind these two really cute guys. "Whatcha starin' at?" Caroline asked suspiciously. I blushed, "Nothing.." I started singing Up all night by One Direction. Suddenly, the two boys in front of us whipped around. "You like one direction?" The brown haired boy asked. He was muscular, had on aviator sunglasses, and had a British accent, but I didn't fancy him. The blonde boy beside him was different though. There was something about him that made me blush even more. I looked down, "Kinda.” I was never good with people, I was really shy. And my glasses didn’t help. They were stylish and all, but they made me feel insecure. "Why?" Caroline asked, slightly agitated, "Is it some sort of crime?" The blond boy spoke up. "No it's just... ummm well I'm Niall Horan" he took off his sunglasses. "So I guess you're Liam" Caroline said, gesturing toward the brown haired boy. "You're correct" Liam said smiling. " I'm Caroline"  "And I'm Ella" I said, locking eyes with Niall. He smiled back at me kind of blushing. "Do you want to ride with me?" He asked. "I'd love to." I said blushing.


I got on the rollercoaster and Niall sat beside me. I pulled down the lapbar, we were snuggled close together, but for once I didn’t mind to be so close to a guy. We reached to peak and I got nervous. Niall could tell and he wrapped his arm around me and held me tightly. He smelled so good and his warmth comforted me as we fell. I didn't scream, but I buried my head into Niall's shoulder.  Finally the rollercoaster came to a halt. "You okay babe?" he said genuinely concerned. "I'm fine." I said a bit frazzled. Caroline and Liam joined us. "How'd you like it?" Caroline asked smiling. "It was ok," I responded. "Do you wanna go meet the boys?" Niall asked me. "Sure!" I said. We walked over to the Carnival games where the boys were goofing off.

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