My side, your side.

The story of Kat and Wolfie, finding each other to be related, just as their mom dies in Alaska, they set out to pursue their mom's dreams but end up revealing the real truth underneath.....


1. Magnets

Kat's P.O.V:


The funny thing about magnets is that when you face the oppasite poles.they atract each other but when they are the same they repel each other. That morning I felt like a magnet was slowing down everything.


Sleeping in a hotel in Alaska was not comfortable. I had to go the mom's funeral but that night I had met my half-brother Wolfie and I'll tell you now, he's a pain in the arse.


He's coming to mom's funeral aswell, lucky me. So I climb out of bed and pull on my clothes. My black baseball boots, black skinny jeans and black turtle neck jumper match my pure black hair as I let it tumble down my back.


So checking out of the hotel, I climb into the waiting taxi and wait for the worst day ever....

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